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  1. NEW: Tasks 

    1. Navigating the Tasks Screen
    2. How to Create a Task
    3. How to Complete a Review Task
  2. Before you Begin: Essentials 

    1. Glossary
    2. End-to-End in 10 Key Steps
    3. Logging in and Getting Started
  3. System Requirements & Management 

    1. Surpass System Requirements
    2. SurpassDelivery: System Requirements
    3. Minimum Requirements for SurpassLocal
    4. Minimum and Maximum Entry Requirements in Surpass
  4. Item Authoring: How to 

    1. How to Create Question Items
    2. How to Import Questions into a Subject in Item Authoring
    3. How to Use Workflow Statuses in Item Authoring
    4. How to Use Settings in Item Authoring
    5. How to Manage and Search for Items
  5. Item Authoring: Good Practice Guidance 

    1. Using Images in Surpass
    2. Using Videos in Surpass
    3. Using Audio in Surpass
    4. Using Non-Question Items in Surpass
    5. Using Subject Folder Structures
  6. Multiple Choice Questions  

    1. Avoid Confusion in Multiple Choice Questions
    2. Writing Multiple Choice Questions
    3. Writing Multiple Choice Questions to Assess Knowledge
    4. Writing Multiple Choice Questions to Assess Comprehension
    5. Writing Multiple Choice Questions to Assess Analysis
  7. Using Media 

    1. Introduction to Adding Media
    2. Overview of the Media Library
    3. How to Add Media
    4. How to Add Source Material
    5. How to Create Source Material
  8. Test Creation: How to 

    1. How to Create Tests
    2. How to Create a Fixed Test
    3. How to Create a Dynamic Test
    4. How to Include Non-scored Items in a Test
    5. How to Add Pre-Test Rules
  9. Test Administration: Scheduling and Invigilation 

    1. How to Schedule Tests
    2. How to Bulk Schedule a Test
    3. Checklist for Invigilators
    4. Invigilators Preparing for the Test
    5. Setting up the Room and Equipment for On-Screen Tests
  10. Test Administration: Post Delivery Processes  

    1. How to Void a Test
    2. How to Mark Tests
    3. How to View Results and Candidate Reports
    4. How to Moderate Tests
    5. How to Escalate a Script
  11. Reporting and Analysis 

    1. Reporting Overview
    2. How Surpass Calculates P Values, R Values and Discrimination Index (DI) Values
    3. How to View Items Delivered Data
    4. Raw Data Extract
    5. An Introduction to Rescoring
  12. Site Settings 

    1. How to Customise Surpass
    2. How to Edit the Surpass Homepage
    3. Changing the Default Language Setting
    4. System Branding: Customising Surpass Screens
    5. How to Customise Columns in Test Administration
  13. Setup 

    1. How to Create a Centre
    2. How to Create Collaborative Subjects
    3. How to Publish from ContentProducer to Surpass
    4. How to Create a New User
    5. How to Create New Candidates
  14. Paper Production 

    1. How to Create Paper and On-Screen Tests in Surpass
    2. Creating a Printed Exam from Multiple Choice Question Content
    3. Setting up a Test for Paper Mark
    4. Paper Generation for Dynamic Tests
    5. How to Download a Printable Test in Test Wizard
  15. Delivering Tests with Surpass 

    1. Different Delivery Methods
    2. How to Install the SecureClient
    3. Support for HTML Delivery
    4. Support for HTML Delivery in SecureClient
    5. Starting the Test
  16. Working with Different Test Types 

    1. Creating Case Studies for On-Screen Tests
    2. Using Different e-Assessment Types
    3. The Difference Between Formative and Summative Assessments
    4. Creating a Formative Assessment
    5. Creating a Summative Assessment
  17. SecureMarker 

    1. Introduction to SecureMarker
    2. Terminology in SecureMarker
    3. How to Access SecureMarker
    4. How to Navigate the Home Screen
    5. How to Create a User
  18. SurpassLocal 

    1. About SurpassLocal
    2. SurpassLocal - Setup - CMS and Surpass
    3. SurpassLocal - Setup - Manual Installation
    4. SurpassLocal - Setup - Automatic Deployment
    5. SurpassLocal - Installer
  19. SurpassDelivery Tablet Application  

    1. SurpassDelivery: An Introduction
    2. Authoring Content for Tablet Delivery
    3. Creating a Test for Tablet Delivery
    4. Setting up a Test for Tablet Delivery in Test Administration
    5. What to Consider before Delivering a Test with a Tablet Device
  20. Functional Testing  

    1. Functional Testing: Item Authoring
    2. Functional Testing: Test Creation
    3. Functional Testing: Test Administration
    4. Functional Testing Checklist
  21. Developer Portal: API v1 

    1. Introduction to the Surpass Web API
    2. Calling the Surpass API
    3. Calling the GetResults Method in the Surpass Web API
    4. Calling the GetResult Method in the Surpass Web API
    5. Calling the GetDetailedResults Method in the Surpass Web API
  22. Developer Portal: API v2 

    1. Surpass API v2 - Introduction
    2. Using the Surpass API
    3. Centre Resource
    4. Subject Resource
    5. User Resource
  23. Developer Portal: OAPI 

    1. Introduction to the Surpass OAPI
  24. Developer Portal: Single Sign On (SSO) 

    1. Introduction to the Surpass SSO Solution
    2. Surpass SSO - Adding the Relying Party (ADFS) v1.3.1
    3. Surpass SSO - IdP and Surpass Configuration v1.3.1
    4. Surpass SSO - Configuring Surpass v1.3.1
  25. Developer Portal: Surpass Local API 

    1. SurpassLocal - TestSession Resource
    2. SurpassLocal - CandidateInformation Resource
    3. SurpassLocal - ProxySettings Resource
    4. SurpassLocal - CompletedExamResponseExport Resource
    5. SurpassLocal - Error Codes
  26. Tips and Advice  

    1. Understanding and Using Subject Sharing
    2. Content Collaboration
    3. Constructing a Test
    4. Using Action Verbs in a Test
    5. How to Add a Hyperlink to an Introduction or Finish Page
  27. Troubleshooting Documentation  

    1. Installing SecureClient on locked down laptops
    2. Online Tests - Invalid Keycodes
    3. Online Tests - Error 827
    4. Online Tests - Updates are invalid
    5. Solving/Checking Proxy Configuration and checking the Folder Permissions
  28. Release Information 

    1. Upcoming Surpass Release Schedules
    2. Surpass Developments in Progress
    3. Surpass Release 12.16 Information (October 2018)
    4. Release 12.15 Minor Update (September 2018)
    5. Surpass Release 12.15 Information (August 2018)
  29. All articles 

    1. Avoid Confusion in Multiple Choice Questions
    2. Using Images in Surpass
    3. Creating Case Studies for On-Screen Tests
    4. Functional Testing: Item Authoring
    5. How to Create Question Items

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