How to Apply and Edit Scale Scores in Reporting

About: This guide will demonstrate how to upload a scale score mapping against a test form in the Reporting screens of Surpass. Previously the Scale Score functionality sat in the Tests Delivered Report, it is now found in the Rescoring screens, and can be accessed from the Edit button in the Scoring Data column.

If a scale score mapping was not applied during Test Creation, users can upload a CSV file detailing the mapping between raw and scaled scores in the Scale Score tab in the Scoring Data panel in the Rescoring screens.

If a scale score mapping was already applied at the point of test creation, or has previously been applied in the reporting screen, details of the mapping applied will be displayed in the 'Scale Score' tab. In this tab, you will have the option to edit the scale scores, upload a new CSV file, or remove the scale score mapping. Uploading a new CSV file will overwrite the existing scale score data with the new scale you upload.

See the below guide on how to upload a scale score mapping from within the Rescoring section of Surpass.

Step 1: Open the Scoring Data panel
From within Rescoring, select 'Edit' in the Scoring Data column against the Test Form version in the table of information you wish to edit a scale score for. This will then open a panel in the right hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Upload a Scale Score Mapping
In the panel, navigate to the 'Scale Score' tab and select 'Upload CSV'. A sample CSV can be downloaded from this screen also.

To ensure the scale score mapping uploads successfully, check the following attributes:
  • each raw score has an equivalent mapped score
  • the maximum raw score is equal to the total number of marks for the test
  • the scale score is greater than or equal to the previous one (i.e. if a raw score of '2' has a scaled score of '6', then a raw score of '3' cannot have a scaled score of '5').
  • the scaled score does not contain more than 4 decimal places.
  • there is scaled score for a raw score of '0'.

Once all of these have been checked, click 'OK'.

Once the CSV has been successfully uploaded, the Scale Score panel will display details of the scale score mapping that has been uploaded.

Note: Scale score mapping may only be applied to fixed tests.

Remember: If the scale score mapping has already been applied to a test you can also edit it in this screen. Please bear in mind if you are rescoring a test form with a scale score applied and the edits you make have an affect on the overall maximum total mark for a test form (you have added or removed scores from items) then the scale score will need to be updated before you proceed further. If scores have been added or removed you will need to upload a new CSV to overwrite the old scale score mapping.

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