How to Edit Grade Boundaries in Rescoring

About: This guide will demonstrate how users can edit the grade boundaries for a test form, that were set during Test Creation, in the Rescoring screens of Surpass. It is only possible to edit the boundaries of the grades that were established in Test Creation. You are unable to remove existing grades and add new grades.

During Rescoring, it is possible that the total marks for a test form may have been changed and therefore the grade boundaries that were applied in Test Creation will no longer be valid. It is possible to edit the grade boundaries in the Scoring Data panel in the Rescoring screen. It is only possible to edit and apply grade boundaries here, you are unable to add new boundaries.

Step One: Open the Scoring Data Panel
From within Rescoring, select 'Edit' in the Scoring Data column against the test form you wish to edit grade boundaries for from the Test Forms table. This will then open a panel in the right hand side of the screen.

Step Two: Edit the Grade Boundaries
Once the panel is open, navigate to the 'Grade Boundaries' tab and begin editing the boundaries for the test form. If there is more than one Test Form version, you can select the version from a drop-down menu.

To edit, click in the 'Raw Score' column and change the raw score that needs to be achieved by a candidate to receive that grade.

The grade itself cannot be edited and you cannot add new grades.

Once you have finished editing and are happy, select 'Confirm Changes'.

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