How to Manage and Search for Items

You can use advanced filtering to search for items in ‘Item Authoring’. Users can filter items by status or tags. This is an ideal tool for subject matter specialists working in a subject with many items, enabling them to find the questions they are looking for quickly and easily. You can apply multiple filters to find the relevant items. This article provides an overview of each method of filtering.

Filtering Items by Status

It is possible to filter items by their workflow status. To filter by status, select the workflow status you wish to view in the 'Item Status' column (see image below). All items at this status will now display on the right and a notification will tell you how many items this filter applies to (e.g., ‘Filtered Items 12’).

Only one workflow status can be selected at a time.

You can clear the filter by selecting the 'X' button on the notification bar.

Filtering Items by Tags

When tags have been applied to items, the tag groups will appear below the applicable workflow statuses in the ‘Item Status’ column.

Select one of the tag groups to see the associated tag values and then select the '+' icon to filter items that are associated with that tag value. After selecting the filter, you will see any items that have been assigned that tag value. Once applied, you will see a blue filter icon next to the tag group.

You can apply multiple filters to further reduce the list of items. Upon selecting a tag value, a list of all the items with that tag value will be displayed on the right of the screen. If you wish to clear the filters, select 'Clear All'.

Using Numeric Tags

You may also filter by numeric tags. These will show as a tag group in the 'Item Status' column. Selecting the filter will display a slider bar on which you can control the search range.

You can drag the minimum-value and maximum-value sliders anywhere within the existing range of numeric tag values. By default, the range is set to maximum, but this can be reduced by dragging the sliders to the appropriate position.

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