Creating and Working with Candidate Tags

About: In the 'Candidates' screen of Surpass, users with the 'Manage Candidates' role are able to create custom tag groups and values that they are then able to assign to candidates. These tags can be used to attribute additional data to candidates. 

All candidate tag groups and tag values must be defined by the user in the 'Candidates' screen. When creating these, you have complete freedom as to how you wish to name the group and values, and whether they are numeric or text based.

Creating Candidate Tag Groups

To create your custom tag group, select the 'Create Tag Group' button in the bottom right of the 'Candidates' screen.

This will open a dialogue which will allow you to add the name of the tag group and any related tags, you will be able to edit this at any point. You will also be able to select whether to use 'Text' or 'Numeric' tags.

You will also be able to determine if a user can add single or multiple tags to a candidate from this group.

To add a tag value to the tag group, input its name into the text entry field. Select ‘Add Tag Value’ to add further tag values to the group.

If numeric tags have been chosen, you have the choice of the tag being a range between two values, less than a value, greater than a value, or a custom value. You also have the ability to allow up to six decimal places on your numbers.

Please note that after these tag groups have been created that all the tag groups and tags will be available to be applied to any candidate created in Surpass.  

Examples of Custom Tag Groups

Custom Tag Group: Place of graduation
Tags: University of Leeds, Cornell University, MIT

If, for example, you are an awarding organisation that delivers tests nationally/internationally you are able to define candidates by place of graduation or the university/college they are currently studying.

Custom Tag Group: Place of work
Tags: KPMG Birmingham, Great Ormond Street Hospital

For vocational courses with candidates who are working in different places across the globe, the place where the candidate currently works may be another useful identifier.

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