SurpassLocal - CompletedExamResponseExport Resource

CompletedExamResponseExport Resource  

If an organisation uses SurpassLocal to deliver tests, there might be a situation where a centre delivering tests cannot communicate with the Surpass Central server. If the candidates' responses have not been synchronised back to Surpass Central then the candidates that have taken tests at this centre will not be able to be certified until this issue has been resolved. The GET CompletedExamResponseExport method allows an organisation to extract encrypted responses where this information can be saved and uploaded somewhere with an active internet connection. This will ensure that any candidate certification SLAs can be met in the case of an emergency.

Request URL

The request URL for this resource only accepts a GET HTTP verb and will return all tests that are in a finished state. Any response information will be returned in an unreadable encrypted string to mask this information in case a malicious user manages to extract this from the SurpassLocal API. As well as candidates question responses other information will also be included in the response including; centre information, test information, test delivery machine information and exam state audits.

The request URL to extract this information should be built as follows:


To call this method authentication is required, this should be built into the request using basic authentication encoding the following string:

{SurpassLocal name in CMS}:{CMS SurpassLocal password} 

Response for the CompletedExamResponseExport Resource    

Within the table below we have provided all of the collections included in the CompletedExamResponseExport response. This includes the name and description so you are aware of what information is extracted from the API.

Name Description
centreInfo Information about the SurpassLocal centre that this was extracted from.
This includes the name in string format.
centreInfo / instanceInfo Information about the Surpass instance name as SurpassLocal can
communicate with more than one Surpass central environment.
centreInfo / instanceInfo / examInformation Information about the exam that has been delivered required by
Surpass central.
centreInfo / instanceInfo / itemResponses Encrypted candidate responses stored during delivery.
centreInfo / instanceInfo / examDocuments Encrypted documents uploaded by candidates during delivery.
centreInfo / instanceInfo / candidateInteractions Information about any interactions candidates made during tests taken in SurpassLocal.
centreInfo / instanceInfo / examStateChanges Any exam state changes that happened during the test delivery. This is
so Surpass has a full audit of this information.
Please browse using the below links to find an example of both the JSON and XML format of the response from the CompltedExamResposneExport resource.


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