Item - Short Answer

Item Resource - Short Answer

A short answer question type requires the candidate to provide a short answer to the question - usually a word or phrase. This can be a computer marked question by the author specifying a list of correct answers.

'Standard' Mode
'Advanced' Mode ('HTML' subjects only)

To build a POST request to the item resource the body should include any top level property required on the item, further information about these properties can be found on the item resource help page, this would then be followed by the question type collection. The collection required for short answer questions, including any mandatory properties is as follows:

shortAnswerQuestions [

This collection would include all of the question-specific properties required. The options differ depending on whether you are creating a Short Answer question in a 'Mixed' or 'HTML' subject.

The table below identifies all of these properties including its name, type, description, default value and if it is mandatory in a request. We have also provided sample requests for the POST and GET/{id} methods in XML and JSON format:

GET/{id} - Item Short Answer - JSON Example
GET/{id} - Item Short Answer - XML Example
Property Name Type Description Default Value
Mandatory for
create (POST)
requireCaseSensitive boolean This identifies in the questions computer marking logic is case sensitive false
limitCadidateResponse boolean This value identifies if the author has limited the number of characters allowed for a response false
maxCharacterCount int This value the number of characters the candidate can enter if the author has restricted this. null
answerList / answers collection A collection of correct answers for a 'Standard' Short Answer question. null x
(Live - in 'Mixed' subjects)
placeholderText string The text for ‘Advanced’ Short Answer questions that contains placeholders for answer boxes where candidates can add their responses ('HTML' subjects only).
awardAllCorrect boolean If ‘true’, the candidate must get all answers correct to get the marks. If ‘false’, the candidate will get a proportion of the marks for each correct answer ('HTML' subjects only).
placeholders collection A collection of parameters that apply to multiple answer boxes in an ‘Advanced’ Short Answer question ('HTML' subjects only).
placeholders / maxCharacterCount int The maximum number of characters allowed for the candidate response in that answer box ('HTML' subjects only).
placeholders / placeholderOptions string A list of correct answers for an answer box in an ‘Advanced’ Short Answer question ('HTML' subjects only).

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