Item - Numerical Entry

Item Resource - Numerical Entry

A numerical entry question type requires the candidate to enter a numerical value as their answer. This can be a computer marked question where the author can specify the correct value.

To build a POST request to the item resource the body should include any top level property required on the item, further information about these properties can be found on the item resource help page, this would then be followed by the question type collection. The collection required for numerical entry questions, including any mandatory propterties is as follows:

numericalEntryQuestions [

This collection would include all of the question specific properties required. The table below identifies all of these properties including its name, type, description, default value and if it is mandatory in a request. We have also provided sample requests for the POST and GET/{id} methods in XML and JSON format:

GET/{id} - Item Numerical Entry - JSON Example
GET/{id} - Item Numerical Entry - XML Example
Property Name Type Description Default Value
Mandatory for
create (POST)
specificValue int This value identifies what the author has setup as the correct value. The candidate must match this to get the mark assigned to the item. 0.0 If created with "live" status the item will be published with a correct answer of 0.
range object This object returns the range the author has defined for the item. null
range / minValue int The minimum value the answer can be for the candidate to get the mark. n/a
range / maxValue int Teh maximum value the answer can be for the candidate to get the mark, n/a
decimalSeparator int This flag identifies what decimal seperator setting has been defined on the item and requires the candidate to answer in this format. Available Values: "Global", "Decimal", "Comma" Global

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