Exporting System Specification for Test Delivery machines

For each individual candidate test session Surpass captures important information about the computer the test was taken on (client information). If delivered by the SecureClient this includes relevant system and software specification, machine identification and any services that were running/stopped on all computers that were used to take the test. If the test was delivered using the web delivery URL then information about the browser will be tracked only. Currently this information is not available to export via the Surpass user interface but it is available via the API. This information can be used to identify the machine a test was taken on, if it was on the correct version of the SecureClient or to assist candidate appeals by identifying if a candidate moved machine or if it met the system requirements.

Request URL

To request the client information the request URL should be built as follows:


Client information can only be requested for an individual keycode or id. If this information is required for more than one candidate test session then separate requests would need to be sent to the Surpass API specifying each keycode or id in the request.  

Properties for client information on individual results

The table below provides all properties that are returned when requesting client information for a particular result. This includes the property name, type and description.
Property Name Type Description
id int The unique id of the result the client information applies to
href string The URL to the client information for a particular test
reference string The keycode for the result the client information applies to
value XML XML response of the system and software specification, machine identification, SecureClient version and running services of all of the test delivery machines used to take a particular test
Interpreting the client information

The "value" property returned in the response of the method is in XML format and returns different information depending on the type of delivery that was used i.e Web Delivery or SecureClient. This can be identified in the "systemConfiguration" node of the XML response :

<systemConfiguration source=\"1\" web=\"0\">

Where 1 identifies the delivery method used, "source" relates to the SecureClient and "web" to web delivery.

Information returned from the SecureClient is as follows:
  • .Net version and service pack installed
  • Flash version
  • SecureClient version
  • Operating system and service pack
  • Processor information
  • Installed, usable and free physical memory
  • Hard disk space available
  • Video and sound card information
  • Time zone set on the machine
  • Identification - IP and MAC Addresses
  • Windows services running 
  • Windows services that were stopped 
Information returned from web delivery is as follows:
  • If the browser has audio, video, printing and accessibility support required for Surpass
  • Operating system
  • Screen resolution and DPI
  • Browser information 
GET Request and Return

Below we have provided examples of JSON and XML responses that would be returned from the Surpass API when requesting client information form the Surpass API.

Example GET request & response (JSON)

Example GET request & response (XML)

Required Permissions 

To successfully call this method, the user specified in the header of the request must have the 'View Results' permission for the Subject and Centre associated to the result.  


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