QTI Supported Functionality

About: This article will outline which functionality in Surpass is currently supported by QTI  2.1 export/import.

About QTI:

As well the spreadsheet import option, it is also possible to import items from QTI files to Surpass. You can export subjects into QTI files from the Subject Setup screen. 


Supported (Y/N)

Multiple Choice QuestionsY
Multiple Response QuestionsY
Either/Or QuestionsY
Numerical Entry Questions (Standard)Y
Fill in the Blank Questions Y
Short Answer Questions Y
Essay Questions Y
Select from a List Questions Y
Extended Matching Questions Y
File Attach Questions Y
Drag and Drop Questions Y
Equation Entry Questions N
Hotspot Questions N
Table QuestionsN
Spreadsheet Questions N
Introduction PageN
Information PageN
Finish PageN
Multiple Choice Survey ItemY
Multiple Response Survey ItemY
Essay Survey ItemY
Maximum Candidate Selections (Multiple Choice Questions)  Y
Weighted Marking (Multiple Choice Questions)N
Combination Marking (Multiple Response Questions)N
Character Count (Essay Questions)N
Number of Lines for Candidate Response (Essay Questions) Y
Separator Settings (Numerical Entry Questions)N
Answer LabelsY
Text FormattingY
Source MaterialY
Attached TableY
Equations in Answer OptionsY
Images in Answer OptionsY
Total MarkY
Media LayoutN
'Allow image to be opened in pop-up'N
Item StatusN
Candidate FeedbackN
Item TagsY
SWF (Flash)Y
Two Column Answer OptionsN
Multiple Question BlocksY
Item PurposeY
Marking TypeY
Marking SchemeY
Randomise OrderY

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