Using the Diagram Creator Tool

About: This article explains the diagram creator tool and how to use the inbuilt functions.

When answering Essay or Spreadsheet questions, candidates may have the ability to draw diagrams and attach them to their responses. These diagrams are authored within the Diagram Creator, which will appear as a button marked 'Diagrams' on the item.

The Diagram Supports the ability to draw predefined shapes and flowcharts, as well as freehand drawing. This article will advise on how to use the Diagram Creator. 


There are numerous functions available for the Diagram Creator, which can be accessed via the Properties Panel at the top of the window. The table below gives an overview of each of these functions and how they can be used:
Icon Function Details
Select Allows the candidate to select any shape, line or text on the screen.

Grip Allows the candidate to move the canvas.

Zoom In Allows the candidate to zoom in.

Zoom Out Allows the candidate to zoom out.

Basic Shapes Allows the candidate to place rectangles, circles and triangles on the canvas.

Flowchart Shapes Allows the candidate to place rectangular, circular, and diamond flowchart shapes on the canvas, and draw arrows between the shapes.

Advanced Shapes Allows the candidate to place a series of advanced shapes on the canvas, including trapezoids, rhombus, curved lines, cubes, cylinders, crosses, 'C' shapes, 'L' shapes and 'T' shapes.

Line Allows the candidate to draw straight lines.

TextAllows the candidate to add text to the canvas.

Freehand Allows the candidate to draw freehand on the canvas.

Undo Allows the candidate to undo their last action.

Redo Allows the candidate to redo their last undone action.

Delete Allows the candidate to delete any text, shape, or line from the canvas.
Shapes can be resized and rotated using the handles around their edges.

Properties Panel

Candidates can control the way their diagrams look by using the properties panel.

Candidates will have the ability to enter the desired width and height of their object in pixels, as well as determining the fill and border colours. They may also specify the weight of their border in pixels, and whether their border is solid or dotted. Finally, candidates will be able to choose the type of layering for their shapes.

Diagram Manager

Multiple diagrams can be attached to an item using the Diagram Manager. This may be accessed by selecting the 'Diagram' button on an eligible item, and when saving or closing an open diagram.

With the Diagram Manager, candidates will have the ability to add, rename, edit, and delete the diagrams associated with the current item. The Diagram Manager can be exited by selecting the 'Close' button.

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