Font Settings in Surpass

About: This article will explain how to change the default font in Item Authoring at subject level. This article will also outline what is, and isn’t, supported for the font MS Gothic, and other non-default fonts within Surpass.

Changing the Default Font
In Surpass, users with Subject Owner permissions are able to select which font, type and size, all content in a particular subject will be authored in.

To change the default font for a subject, go to the ‘Setup’ tab and then ‘Subjects’, highlight the subject in the list you want to change the font for and select ‘Edit’ on the right-hand side. The ‘Edit Subject Details’ dialogue will appear. Here you will be able to select a new default font and size for this subject, from the drop-down menus. Make any necessary changes and select ‘Save Changes’.

Note: If you change the default font settings in a subject this will not retrospectively change all existing content in that subject, it will only effect any content created afterwards. To update any existing content in the subject, you can change the font settings individually at item level.

When creating a new subject, the ‘Create Subject’ box will appear to fill in the details for your subject, including font type and size. Once you set the font here all items authored in this subject will default to these font specifications.

Good Practice Tip:  We recommend that you do not change the font for cosmetic reasons. Font settings are available to adapt fonts to suit different languages, symbols, and disability adjustments; changing the font for any other reason may negatively affect the user experience.

MS Gothic and other Non-Default Fonts in Surpass

MS Gothic is a font available to select as a default font at Subject and item level. However, it is not supported for all items/content. Please see the list below of supported, partially supported, and not supported items for MS Gothic and other non-default fonts.

Supported: Items/content that fully support the use of MS Gothic and other non-default fonts

- Multiple Choice Items

- Multiple Response Items

- Either/Or Items

- File Attach Items

- Fill in the Blank Items  

- Survey Items – Multiple Choice

- Survey Items – Multiple Response

- Stem Text Blocks  

Not Supported: Items/content that do not currently support the use of MS Gothic and other non-default fonts

- Numerical Entry Items

- Short Answer Items

- Essay Items

- Select from a List Items

- Extended Matching Items

- Drag and Drop Items

- Source Material Launch Button Label  


Partially Supported: Items that partially support font change, but not yet MS Gothic

- Equation Entry Items

- Table Items

- Spreadsheet Items

- Table Authoring

- Equation Editor


For more information about default font settings and delivery languages, please see 'Subjects' in the Surpass Help.

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