Minimum and Maximum Entry Requirements in Surpass

About: This article will outline various features in Surpass which may require a minimum entry to allow you to proceed, and others may have a maximum entry allowed for one item. Please read the following sections to familiarise yourself with the features that have minimum and maximum entry requirements. 

Note: This article does not outline system requirements for Surpass. For more information about system requirements see the article Surpass System Requirements.

Test Wizard / Test Creation

Maximum minutes for a test break

The maximum time allowed for a test break is 999 minutes. Test breaks for assessments can be scheduled by Item Authors/Test Creators for a specific time or, alternatively, an unscheduled option is made accessible to the candidate so they can choose when to take their allowed break time.

Grouped Source Material

The maximum amount of items you can can per source group in the media library is 25, and the minimum is one. 

Questions in a Test Wizard test

When creating a test in Test Wizard the minimum amount of questions allowed in a test is one, and the maximum 100.

Questions for a section in a Test Creation test

When you are creating a test form in the Test Forms screen of Test Creation you can add up to 120 questions per section in the test, whether it is a dynamic or fixed section. However, we recommend that you do not exceed 50 items per section.

Live weblinks at any one time

There may be 10 weblinks created at any one time in an instance of Surpass, if you want to create more an earlier weblink must be retired.

Test form reference character limit

The maximum character amount for a test form reference is 100; this applies to tests forms created in Test Wizard and Test Creation.

Characters in the NDA box

Your message on the NDA screen can be up to 15000 characters.

Item Authoring 

 File attach 

You can add files up to a maximum of 20MB for the candidate to download.

Standard: You can attach 1 file for the candidate to download. The candidate can upload 1 file in delivery.

Advanced: You can attach up to 10 files for the candidate to download. The candidate can upload up to 10 files in delivery.

Answer options Multiple Choice & Multiple Response

When authoring a Multiple Choice or Multiple Response question in Item Authoring, a maximum of 30 answer options can be included for candidates to choose from as their answer.

Tags search in Item Author

When searching or filtering items in Item Authoring you can search up to 100 tags at any one time.

Extended Matching value limits

When creating an Extended Matching question, you can include up to 3000 characters across all extended matching items, equalling approximately 620 characters per item.

When inputting the marks in an Extended Matching question with 'Many to Many' marking selected, the marks must be between 1 and 999. The total 'Mark' for the question cannot exceed 999.

Maximum character count for essay responses

In an essay style question the candidate is given a free hand text box to type their answer, in which the maximum character count is 32,767, equating to approximately 5,000 words. This maximum amount is per essay question.

Drag and drop answer options character limit In a drag and drop question item the maximum character amount for an answer option is 34.
Maximum digits Spreadsheet Question The maximum number of digits that you can enter into a cell in the Spreadsheet question type is 16.

Maximum number of items in an item set

You can add a maximum of 20 items to an item set. 

Media and source material attachments on an item You can attach up to 30 pieces of media to an item, and up to 10 pieces of source material to an item's question stem.

Warning: You should always test whether your hardware can download and run a test containing items with lots of media and/or source material attached before doing so in a live environment. Attaching large amounts of media and/or source material may require system specifications that exceed the minimum requirements listed in the 'SecureClient: System Requirements' article.

Maximum Image Size The maximum file size when importing an image into the Media Library is 20MB.
Image size for the High Fidelity Image Viewer If you want the candidate to be able to zoom in and out of an image when using the Image Viewer in SecureClient delivery, you must upload an image that is at least 685 x 520 px.


Character limit for candidate reference

Candidates in Surpass must have their own unique reference number, which is either assigned by the Surpass user creating the candidate or automatically generated by the system. When a user creates a candidate, the reference number they choose must not exceed 50 characters.

Advanced content download time-span in SecureClient

In SecureClient, test content can be downloaded in advance to ensure it is readily available in case of internet failure, or other such issues. Content can be downloaded 30 days (720 hours) prior to the scheduled time of use of this content.

Tag Categories

A maximum of 50 tag categories in Surpass. Tag categories act as the 'parent' to Tag Groups in Surpass. 

Tag Groups

A maximum of 50 tag groups are allowed per tag category. Tag groups collate tag values and custom tag values.

Custom Tag Groups

Up to 150 custom tag groups are allowed per Subject.

Tag Values

A 1000 tag values within a tag group at Subject level.

Share Subject

The maximum number of centres you can share a subject with is 2000.

Subject Tags

A maximum of 200 subject tags can be added to a centralised list in 'Subject Settings'. 

Note: There may be other maximum / minimum requirements for Surpass, this is a selection of requirements to consider when using your Surpass instance.

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