Surpass Developments in Progress

This article was last updated on 20/08/2019

About: This article is designed to give early sight of new features planned for Surpass, along with wireframes and videos where available. In the 'Coming Soon' section you will find features that are currently in development and are likely to come in the next release. In the 'Further Ahead' section, you can see features that are scheduled for future releases. Features are categorised by the area of the system which they affect. More detail can be found by selecting the feature number which takes you to the entry on the customer portal.This article is updated regularly, so do check back for updates.

Remember: This article is designed to give an indication of planned features only. All features listed here are subject to change.

Coming Soon

For information on the features in the upcoming release, please see the latest release notes here.

Further Ahead

Surpass 12.21 development has now started and this section will continue to be updated.

Feature: Implement Welsh Language in Surpass (F4676)
Details: This feature supports Welsh as an administrative language in Surpass.
Video: Unavailable
Product Owner: Victoria Coble

Item Authoring

Feature: Add HTML Packages to items as Source Material (F5212)
Details: You will be able to upload an HTML Package within a ZIP file to the Media Library in ‘Item Authoring’. This will enable you to add animations or simulations to items as source material.
Video: Unavailable
Product Owner: Tim Shea

Test Creation

Feature: Pages in Test Creation (F5227, F5228)
Details: You will be able to navigate between pages in the 'Tests' and 'Test Forms' screens of 'Test Creation' using a drop-down menu. This will improve the loading time of these screens by reducing the number of tests and test forms being loaded at one time.
Wireframes: Unavailable
Video: Unavailable
Product Owner: Sophie Brumfitt

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