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This article was last updated on 27/01/2020

About: This article is designed to give early sight of new features planned for Surpass, along with wireframes and videos where available. In the 'Coming Soon' section you will find features that are currently in development and are likely to come in the next release. In the 'Further Ahead' section, you can see features that are scheduled for future releases. Features are categorised by the area of the system which they affect. More detail can be found by selecting the feature number which takes you to the entry on the customer portal.This article is updated regularly, so do check back for updates.

Remember: This article is designed to give an indication of planned features only. All features listed here are subject to change.

Coming Soon

Note: For information on the features in the upcoming release, please see the latest release notes here. 

Further Ahead


Feature: Accessibility improvements for HTML Essay items (F5596)
Details: HTML Essay items are now compatible with JAWS screen readers. HTML Essay items with the formatting toolbar enabled will be blocked from being delivered, previewed, or marked in Internet Explorer due to compatibility issues.
Wireframes: N/A
Video: N/A
Product Owner: Jamie Allen 
Affected Delivery Method: HTML SecureClient, HTML web delivery
Feature: SecureClient enhanced update process (F5597)
Details: The update process for SecureClient will be enhanced to take less time and reduce errors.
Wireframes: N/A
Video: N/A
Product Owner: Tim Shea
Affected Delivery Method: SecureClient, HTML SecureClient


Feature: Tag Collections in Tasks (F4912)
DetailsYou will be able to customise the tag collections that assignees can view in ‘Authoring’ and ‘Review’ tasks.
Video: N/A
Product Owner: Claire Wilson

Item Authoring 

Feature: Tags Dialog Box UX Optimisation (F5627)
Details: This feature introduces pagination to the ‘Tags’ update type in ‘Bulk Update’ to increase performance and usability.
Video: N/A
Owner: Phoebe McLaughlin

Feature: Improved Item Search (F2489)
Details: This feature adds a new interface for Boolean search logic in ‘Item Search’.
Video: N/A
Owner: Claire Wilson

Test Creation

Feature: Update item versions for LOFT/Adaptive tests (F5409)
Details: Users will be able to change items in their item pool to the latest versions using a new 'Update Item Pool' button. This will update the marks, tags, and content of items.
Video: N/A
Product Owner: Nayan Mistry

Feature: Split item sets across test sections (F5602)
Details: Users will be able to split item sets in the rules XML for LOFT tests so that pre-test items can be distributed across sections and are not ordered consecutively. Users will also be able to define the positional range that items can be ordered in within a single section.
Video: N/A
Product Owner: Chris Morrison


Feature: Edit tag values (F4464)
Details: Users will be able to edit the names of existing tag values in the 'Setup' screen, which will update the tag everywhere it is used.
Video: N/A
Product Owner: Claire Wilson

Feature: Subject-level permissions redesign (F5263, F5599)
Details: We are redesigning the way you assign permissions to subject-level users based on centre or subject priority. You will be able to more easily give subject level users access to data across all centres at which a subject is shared by selecting a new 'All Shared Centres' checkbox.
Video: N/A
Product Owner: Jamie Allen

Feature: Self-service password and security question change (F3977)
Details: This feature introduces the ability for users to reset their own password and security question.
Video: N/A
Product Owner: David Scott


Feature: Whole script marking flag for paper tests (F5752)
Details: The TestSchedule resource will include an optional flag to auto-group responses in SecureMarker.
Wireframes: N/A
Video: N/A
Product Owner: Catarina Simoes

Feature: Upload scanned responses (F5753)
Details: Users will be able to upload scanned responses from paper tests via the TestSession resource to mark in SecureMarker.
Wireframes: N/A
Video: N/A
Product Owner: Catarina Simoes

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