Setting up a Test for Paper Mark

About: The 'Paper Mark' screen allows marks to be recorded for tests that have been taken on paper. This article will detail how to set up a test so that it is eligible to be marked in the 'Paper Mark' screen.

Step 1: Create or edit a test

You can either create a new test or edit an existing one in Surpass. If you want to create a new test, go into the 'Tests' tab and select ‘Create Test’. You must then give the test a name and a reference before navigation to the 'Edit Test' screen. If you want to edit an existing test, highlight the test form you wish to edit and select ‘Edit Test’.

Step 2: Set Marking Type

Once you have selected or created your test, you will need to navigate to the 'Advanced Settings' tab on the 'Edit Test' screen. In the 'Advanced Test Delivery Options' section, you will need to set the Marking Type as 'Paper Marking'. Once you are satisfied, you may then save your changes.

Step 3: Set Display Names

You may also add a 'Display Name' to the Items that will be included in your Paper Marked test. This will allow markers to easily identify the questions from the Marks Entry interface. To do this, you must first go to the 'Test Forms' tab, select your desired Test Form, and then choose the 'Edit Test Form' button. You should then select a Fixed section, and then select 'Add'. If you have not automatically, you must then go to the 'Selected Items' drop down. 

Here you will see the 'Display Name' column, where you can add a maximum of 30 characters to each item. Once you are happy with the changes you have made, you can select 'OK', and then select 'OK' again. 

Your test will now be fully set up to be Paper Marked, and is ready to be scheduled via the Scheduling Wizard or the API.

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