Paper Generation for Dynamic Tests

About: Creating paper versions of a dynamic test form means you can generate multiple paper tests, each containing a different set of questions.This article will explain how to generate paper versions of Test Forms that contain dynamic rules in the Test Wizard and Test Creation.

Paper Generation in the Test Wizard

Step 1: Create Your Test

In order to create paper generations of test forms in the Test Wizard, you will need to select the 'Paper and Onscreen' option from the test types. Then add your content to the test by adding folders and selecting the number of items you would like to be pulled from the folder.

Note:The item types available for paper tests in the wizard are: Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Either/Or, Essay, and Fill in the Blank..

Step 2: Generate Fixed Test Forms

After you have created and saved your test at the 'Review' stage, the 'Generate Fixed Test Form' button will be available. 

At this point, you can edit the 'Fixed Form Settings' for your test. 

Select how many fixed test forms you want to generate (up to a maximum of 5) and the rules you wish to implement for the items in your test form.

You can also choose whether you wish to have all generated test forms associated with the same test, or whether you would like to create a new parent test for each test form. Using the same test when generating test forms means that the delivery options will remain consistent across all test forms, while creating a new parent test for each test form allows you to change the delivery options for each test, as well as set a new test name and reference.

Select 'Generate Fixed Test Forms' to temporarily create the specified number of test forms based on the rules you created. Each test form will contain a different set of questions.

Step 3: Review Test Forms and Upload Covers

Details for each of the generated test forms will be displayed. You can 'Preview' a list of items in each test form, or delete a test form if necessary.

You can edit the Test/Test Form name and reference number, as well as upload different covers for the candidate and teacher versions of each test form. This will help you to identify the different test forms when they are printed.

You can also add additional text for the end of the test at this point.

To re-run the rules and generate a different set of test forms, you must delete all currently generated test forms.

Step 4: Save the Generated Test Forms

Once you are happy with the generations, save your test form(s) by selecting the appropriate button. You will be able to access and download the teacher and candidate versions of each test form at any time by selecting 'Download Printable Forms' button from the Tests menu in your subject.

Paper Generation in Test Creation

Step 1: Create Your Test

In order to generate a printed test form in Test Creation, you will need to first construct your test form using dynamic rules.

Note:The only item type available for printed test forms in Test Creation is Multiple Choice. If you attempt to add other item types, they will display 'Item cannot be displayed' in the Word document.

Step 2: Create a Printed Test Form

Select your test form, then select the 'Printed Test' button. A new window will open, on the left-hand side select the 'Create' button to create a printed exam.

Input a 'Printed Exam Name' and a 'Print Code'. This will then create a printable version of your test. On the right-hand side of the screen, under the 'Test Paper' heading, select the 'Generate' button. This will generate one version of your test form.

You are able to generate numerous times and download them from the 'Revision History' window, or create numerous 'Printed Exams' for the same test form. 

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