How to Share Tests

If you select 'Share Test' from the 'Tests' menu, you will be taken through a wizard-based process that enables you to share tests with others. Sharing a test enables reviewers to interact with the test as a candidate would and perform quality review checks. This article explains how to share a test.

Step 1: Locate the relevant test

Navigate to the 'Item Authoring' section of Surpass and select the subject containing the test you want to share.

Step 2: Select the test to be shared

Navigate to 'Tests' in the top-right corner of the screen and select 'Share Test'. This opens the 'Share Test' wizard.

The test forms available for sharing are listed on the left. Once selected, test details are displayed on the right.

Note: Tests created in both 'Test Wizard' and 'Test Creation' will be available for sharing.

Step 3: Settings

Select 'Schedule and Create Keycodes' to schedule a 'Quality Review' or 'Live' test for specific Surpass users. This will generate keycodes for users to access the test. These tests can then be taken in SecureClient or Web Delivery. The system will create dummy candidates for each user automatically and the tests will pass through the 'Test Administration' screens as any other test would.

Select 'Enable Quality Review Panel' to allow users access to a panel where marking information can be viewed. This includes options to download the mark scheme and reveal an item's correct answer. This can be enabled regardless of how you share your test.

Select 'Anonymous Share' to send a test link to the email address registered to your Surpass user account. This link can be circulated freely via email and reviewers will not be prompted to log in to Surpass before accessing the test. If you have chosen this option, select 'Continue' and proceed to Step 5: Share Test.

If 'Anonymous Share' is left unchecked, you will be required to specify which Surpass users will have access to the test.

Step 4: Select users

If you selected 'Schedule and Create Keycodes' or left 'Anonymous Share' unticked, you will be directed to a screen prompting you to select the Surpass users who will receive the link to the test.

Choose any users from the list on the left and select the right-pointing arrow to move them across to the list of users who will receive the test web link. Alternatively, you may drag and drop users to and from each list.

Remove users from the 'Additional Users' list by selecting the 'X' icon to the right of their name.

Choose 'Continue' when you have finished selecting users.

Note: Only users who have access to the subject containing the test will be available for selection.

Step 5: Share test

If you are creating a web link, you will be prompted to enter the number of days that the link will be active. Once this time has passed, the link will no longer work. Once you have entered the availability period, you can create the web link.

If you are scheduling the test, you will first be asked to define the availability window for users to access the test, then the number of keycodes you want to be generated for each user. Once confirmed, you will be emailed the keycodes required to access the Quality Review test. You may then distribute the keycodes to the relevant users.

Step 6: Access the test

For web links, the relevant users will receive a web link to the test via email. If 'Anonymous Share' has not been chosen, users will be prompted to log in to Surpass with their usual credentials before being able to access and review the test.

If 'Anonymous Share' has been selected, the user who shared the test will be emailed the link. They will then be able to distribute this manually to the relevant people, who do not need to be Surpass users.

If the test has been scheduled for review, the user who created the review will be emailed the keycodes for all users, which they can distribute manually. To access the test, you can use either the Launch Test page in Web Delivery or SecureClient, depending on how the test has been set up.

In all cases, the user will be able to interact with the test as the candidate would.

Step 7: Access the Quality Control panel

If enabled, you will also have access to the 'Quality Control' panel via the 'Q' icon at the top-left of the test window.

The 'Quality Control' panel allows you to view the question type, the total marks available for the individual item and the test as a whole, as well as how many marks have been achieved (if you have interacted with the test).

Selecting 'View Mark Scheme' will open the mark scheme for human-marked questions, if one has been attached.

Selecting 'Show Correct' highlights the correct answer option in green for supported question types.

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