How to Download a Printable Test in Test Wizard

About: This article will explain how to download a printable test using the Test Wizard in Surpass. 

In the Item Authoring screen of Surpass, within your chosen Subject, select the Test icon in the right-hand corner and choose 'Download Printable Test' from the drop down menu. 

The test screen will now be presented for you to choose your desired test to print. The left side of the window lists the available tests to print from the selected subject. 
The highlighted test will display a summary of information on the right, such as the test and test form names and references, as well as total questions and marks. 

If you are happy with the selected test form, you can choose to either download a candidate paper or download a teacher paper. 

Choosing 'Download Candidate Paper' will download a printable document to your device, detailing the questions in the test, which you can save or print. If you select 'Download Teacher Paper', this will similarly download the paper, but the correct answers will also be indicated.

Note: Only Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, Either/Or, Fill in the Blank, Essay and Short Answer items are compatible when downloading a test. Any other question types will display as blank in the downloaded file. 

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