How to Add Assistive Media

This article explains how to add Assistive Media to items in 'Item Authoring'. Assistive Media may be used so that a candidate can hear item content in a chosen language or access video equivalents on on-screen information through sign language translations.

Note: The Assistive Media file must be in .mp3, .mp4, or .flv format and no greater than 1MB in size for audio and 10MB for video. File names must not contain ampersands ('&').

Step 1: Select an item

Enter the 'Item Authoring' section of Surpass and select a subject.

You may either select an existing item to edit or create a new item for your Assistive Media by navigating to the 'Create New Item' button.

Step 2: Add Assistive Media

Once in the item's 'Edit' screen, select the cog icon next to the question stem to see 'Additional Options'. To add Assistive Media, select 'Add Assistive Media'.

Next, select the green 'Import' button in the 'Add Assistive Content' window to browse for the desired media file on your device's storage.

Once your media file has been uploaded, the file name will appear in the 'Add Assistive Content' window. Selecting 'Confirm' will add your media file to the item's question stem.

If your import is unsuccessful, an error message will display within the 'Add Assistive Content' window.

Once successfully added, the name of the media file will appear in place of the 'Add Assistive Media' button.

Note: Only one Assistive Media file can be uploaded to a question stem, regardless of how many question stem blocks are used.

In delivery, a candidate will be able to access Assistive Media by selecting the speaker icon (for audio files) or the play icon (for video files).

When playing a video, the candidate will have access to standard play, pause, and stop controls. However, more advanced controls such as continuous repeat, forward/backward frame-skip, slow-motion, and scrubbing will be available if the video has a horizontal resolution of at least 350 pixels and two keyframes per second.

It is also possible to add Assistive Media to individual answer options for each of the following question types:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Response
  • Either/Or
  • Multiple Choice (Survey)
  • Multiple Response (Survey)

Select the answer option field to reveal the 'Add Assistive Media' button.

Removing Assistive Media

To remove Assistive Media, select the 'X' icon next to the file name in the 'Assistive Media' box.

Note: Assistive Media may not display correctly in all sections of Surpass (e.g., 'Test Creation', 'Test Administration'), but this will not affect the candidate's experience.

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