Support for HTML Delivery

About: We are currently undertaking a programme of work to convert Flash based areas of Surpass to HTML5. This article will outline which functionality in Surpass is currently supported in HTML delivery.

About HTML Delivery
The HTML delivery method allows the delivery of HTML5 tests through a web browser and in SecureClient. You are only able to use this delivery method using tests built with HTML compatible items and using the HTML Delivery option selected when you create your test. HTML is widely supported across multiple browsers, platforms and devices, and is responsive, reacting to the device or screen size to display appropriately.

You can create and edit HTML tests in the Test Wizard and Test Creation. You should ensure that any amendments you make to your test are in line with HTML-supported functionality. Please refer to this document for this information.

HTML-Supported Functionality
The below table outlines which functionality is currently supported or not supported by HTML in Surpass. There are other features that are supported in HTML delivery only that are not listed here.

The table is arranged by area of the system for ease of reference and is updated after each release.


Supported (Y/N)

Item Authoring  
Multiple Choice Items Y (computer-marked only)
Multiple Response Items Y (computer-marked only)
Either/Or Items Y (computer-marked only)
Numerical Entry Items Y
Fill in the Blank Items N
Short Answer Items Y
Essay Items Y
Select from a List Items N
Extended Matching Items N
File Attach Items Y
Drag and Drop Items N
Equation Entry Items N
Hotspot Items N
Table Items N
Spreadsheet Items N
Introduction Page Y (Multiple)
Information Page Y
Finish Page Y (Multiple)
Import Items N
Survey Items
Assistive Media
Static Tables
Test Wizard  
Creation of HTML Tests in Test Wizard Y
Random Selection N
Creation of Paper and On-Screen Tests N
Download Printable Test Y - For tests with compatible question types
Share Test Y
Export Items to Word Document Y
Test Creation
Creation of HTML Tests Y
Tools Y
Non-Scored Items
Grouped Items Y
Forward Only Navigation Y
Allow Candidate Comments Y
HTML SecureClient (Resilient/Non-Resilient) Y - Non-Resilient Only
Certify Accessible N/A
Allow Use as Template Y
Exam Type (CBP/CBT) CBT - Y, CBP - N
Allow Time Extension While in Progress N
Requires SecureClient (Lockdown) Y
Requires SecureClient (Unlocked) Y
Requires Invigilation Y
Certified for Tablet Delivery N
Set duration for Candidate Details screen Y
Set duration for NDA screen Y
Configure Candidate Details Y
Configure NDA Confirmation Y
Configure Progress Bar
Select Test Style Y - Custom Branding Only
Configure Page Requires Scrolling Alert Y
Default Language Selection Y
Allow Language Override Y
Enable Candidate Logging Y
Select Test Profiles Y
Display Report N
Display Print Report Button N
Dynamic Rules Y
Randomise Items in a Section Y
Timed Sections Y
Section Selector N
Unlocked Sections N
Forward Only Sections Y
Items Require Response Y
Allow Item Review Y
Add Breaks: Scheduled Y
Add Breaks: Unscheduled Y - via the API
Branching XML Y
Test Administration  
Schedule for Invigilation (require a PIN) Y
Schedule via API Y
Invigilate: Void Test Y
Invigilate: Pause and Resume a Test Y
Invigilate: Set/Remove PIN Y
Invigilate: Modify Duration Y
Modify Submission Date N/A
Take on Paper N
Upload Responses N
Change Associated Centre N/A
Candidate Feedback N
Summary Feedback N
Scheduled Breaks Y
Unscheduled Breaks Y
Flagging Items Y
Progress Bar Y - Only item-based progress bar available
Strikethrough Y
Highlight Y
Change Colour Preferences in Delivery Y
Audio Check Y
Video Check Y
Internet Speed Check Y
Microphone Check N
Surpass Local Y
Sample Items Y
Diagram Creator N
PDF Viewer Y
Image Viewer Y
Frame by Frame Navigation of Assistive Video Y

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