Support for HTML Delivery

About: We are currently converting Flash based areas of Surpass to HTML5. This article aims to support you in deciding whether you can move your tests over to HTML, and understanding any issues you might face in doing this. 

About HTML Delivery

The HTML delivery method allows the delivery of HTML5 tests through a web browser and in SecureClient. You can only use this delivery method for tests built with HTML compatible items. You must also select the HTML Delivery setting when you create your test.

You can create and edit HTML tests in the Test Wizard and Test Creation. You should ensure that any edits you make to your test are in line with HTML-supported functionality.

The table below outlines Surpass functionality that is either not supported in HTML, or is supported with limitations. You can find further explanation of this in the 'Details' column. The table is arranged by area of the system for ease of reference and is updated after each release.
Area of Surpass Flash-only functionality Restricted HTML functionality Details
Item Authoring Fill in the blank item type This item type will not be converted to HTML.
You can use the HTML Short Answer - Advanced
item type to create gap-fill style questions.
Select from a list item type
Equation Entry item type
Table item type
Spreadsheet item type This item type will not be converted directly into
Essay item type Unsupported in HTML Essay item: 
  • Enable text formatting for candidates
  • Display word counter
  • Diagram creator
Assistive Media
SWF files (source material/ media)
As an alternative for HTML, you can use URL
source material for a web page containing an
Candidate Feedback
Test Wizard
Test Wizard
behaviour differs
between Mixed 
and HTML 
You can also set
up Learning/
Summative tests
using HTML
compatible items,
then apply the 
'Deliver in HTML
Delivery' test 
setting in Test
Learning tests
Formative tests
Summative tests
Paper and Onscreen tests

SecureClient delivery HTML tests for SecureClient cannot be created
solely in Test Wizard. This is because the test
must have ‘Requires SecureClient’ enabled in
test settings.

Random selection of items from folders   Dynamic rules for HTML tests must be set up in
Test Creation.

Forward only test style Test setting can be applied in Test Creation.
Test Creation
Computer Based Project test type
Although HTML Computer Based Projects can be
created in Test Creation, they act as normal tests
with a timer of 100 hours in the HTML test driver.
Attempting to exit the test does not give the same
options as Flash to resume later or submit.

Tablet Delivery The SurpassDelivery app is needed for secure
tablet delivery, and this does not support HTML
content. However, you can deliver HTML tests on 
a tablet using HTML browser delivery. 
Show Test Progress:
Marks based % bar
Test Creation
Test Profiles
Display Report
Test Creation
Test Forms
Unlock Section (Section Properties) This setting works in Flash SecureClient only.
Allow Close Without Submit Works in HTML web delivery, but candidates
cannot exit HTML SecureClient without finishing
the test.
Test Feedback

Printable Summary, Show
Candidate Details, Display Feedback by
Learning Outcome and Show View Feedback
Button are unavailable in HTML tests.
Test Driver
Confirm Details Window ULN is absent in HTML tests.
Test Driver
Test Delivery
Feedback button Candidate Feedback is not available in HTML tests.

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