Support for HTML Delivery

About: We are currently converting Flash based areas of Surpass to HTML5. This article will outline which functionality in Surpass is currently supported in HTML and Flash, or HTML only delivery.

About HTML Delivery
The HTML delivery method allows the delivery of HTML5 tests through a web browser and in SecureClient. You are only able to use this delivery method using tests built with HTML compatible items and using the HTML Delivery option selected when you create your test.

You can create and edit HTML tests in the Test Wizard and Test Creation. You should ensure that any amendments you make to your test are in line with HTML-supported functionality.

The table is arranged by area of the system for ease of reference and is updated after each release.

Functionality Specifics HTML Capability
Item Authoring
HTML subjects ‘HTML’ subject-exclusive functionality:
  • HTML Formatting Toolbar, including HTML tables and text styles
  • Answer options as a table
  • Negative Marking
HTML only
Multiple Choice Items HTML only:
  • Answer options as a table in HTML subjects
  • Negative Marking
HTML & Flash
Multiple Response Items HTML only:
  • Answer options as a table in HTML subjects
  • Negative Marking
HTML & Flash
Either/Or Items HTML & Flash
Numerical Entry Items ‘Advanced’ mode supported in HTML subjects HTML & Flash
Short Answer Items ‘Advanced’ mode supported in HTML subjects HTML & Flash
Essay Items Flash delivery only:
  • Enable formatting toolbar
  • Word counter
HTML & Flash
Extended Matching Items Many to Many Weighted Marking supported in HTML subjects HTML & Flash
File Attach Items HTML & Flash
Introduction Page HTML & Flash
Information Page HTML & Flash
Finish Page HTML & Flash
Survey Items The following survey items are in HTML & Flash
  • MCQ
  • MCR
  • Essay
HTML & Flash
Likert Items This item can be created in a Mixed subject but can only be previewed or delivered in HTML. HTML only
  • Basic Calculator
  • Scientific Calculator
HTML & Flash
  • Caliper
HTML only
Item Sets Item set numbering within the breadcrumb is only available in HTML delivery. This is true of dynamic item set headers too. HTML & Flash
Test Form Enemy Items HTML & Flash
Weighted Marking Applying negative values can be set up in a Mixed subject but can only be delivered in HTML. HTML & Flash
Media Library  
URL Source Material HTML & Flash
HTML created Source Material HTML & Flash
Source Material HTML & Flash
Shared Resources HTML & Flash
Supported file types .swf supported in ‘Mixed’ but not HTML
Adding embedded media HTML & Flash
PDF Viewer Only available for tests using SecureClient. For more information see ‘Adding Source Material as a Shared Resource’ HTML & Flash
High Fidelity Image Viewer
  • If an image is uploaded at its full size and as grouped source material, then it will launch using the High Fidelity Image Viewer.
  • Grouped source material can only be viewed in tests delivered in SecureClient.
  • For more information on the High Fidelity Image Viewer see ‘How to Group Media’ article.
HTML & Flash
Test Wizard
Download Printable Test For tests with compatible question types HTML & Flash
Share Test Enhanced functionality in the quality review panel for HTML tests HTML & Flash
To share a test with HTML-only content, such as the Caliper tool, you must share the test with the option 'Schedule and Create Keycodes'. HTML only
Quality Review Panel For tests scheduled for review in HTML, there are more advanced features available than for reviews in Flash. For more information, see the following article in the help resource. HTML & Flash
Export items to Word document HTML & Flash
Test Creation
Pooled Section Time HTML & Flash
Summary Feedback
  • End of test feedback is supported in flash only. Candidates can only review their answers in flash.
  • End of section feedback is supported in HTML only. You must enable ‘Pass/Fail’ or ‘Percentage Mark’ feedback for this to appear.
  • End of section & test feedback is supported in HTML only.
HTML & Flash
Section Properties
Survey Section
Survey Section
Mandatory Section Time
Progress Mark
Forward Only section
Allow item review
Pass Mark
Pass Range
Randomise items
HTML & Flash
Progress Bar Marks based %
Item based %
HTML & Flash
Marks based fraction text HTML only
Test Profiles HTML only features
  • Time Remaining Alerts
  • Test Driver Options
  • Section Review Panel
  • Section Tabs
  • Item Set Numbering
  • Item Set Headers
  • Custom CSS
HTML & Flash

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