How to Create a Voice Capture Question

You can create question types that capture a candidate's spoken response. This article explains how to create a Voice Capture question in 'Item Authoring'.

Step 1: Create a new item

To create a Voice Capture question, enter your chosen subject in 'Item Authoring' and select 'Create New Item'. Select the Voice Capture question type from the menu to open the item's 'Edit' screen.

Step 2: Edit your question

You can add your question's text and source material/media as normal.

Specific to Voice Capture question types is the 'Set length of time for audio capture' option. This allows you to set a time limit for candidates' recordings. The maximum recording length is 300 seconds (five minutes).

Note: It is not currently possible to limit how many attempts the candidate has to record their answer.

Step 3: Preview and save

Select the 'Preview' button to display the question as it will appear in delivery. You can interact with the item like a candidate by recording audio and playing it back.

Note: Voice Capture items are set to be human-marked. You cannot override this.

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