Branching Tests in Surpass

Within Surpass it is possible to setup tests with conditions on multiple choice and multiple response questions to skip questions based on previous responses. This is done by uploading XML to a test form in the Test Creation user interface.

The XML file must created external of Surpass and uploaded to your Test Form. To upload your Branching XML On the Test Form Rules screen, select the Branching XML button. From this new window, you are able to upload your custom XML file.

There are also several other things that a Test Creator should consider when writing their Branching XML:
  • Branching logic can only be applied to Forward Only sections within tests with fixed content. This is to prevent candidates from navigating to any question within a section that is not contained in the logic path determined by a candidate's response to items.
  • The logic is only applicable to Multiple Choice and Multiple Response Survey Items
  • Test Feedback must not be enabled on a test.
  • Currently, Branching logic can only be applied to one section in a test.
  • Although it may be applied to any section in a test, we recommend that it be applied to the final section 

From Surpass you will be able to download a sample XML containing instructions on how to write the XML. Follow the link below to an example of the Branching XML and the instructions on the mandatory attributes required to complete a Branching test.

Example of Branching XML

The XML you upload will NOT be stored in the system. You will need to store the file locally if you require any edits to be made to a test form.

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