Introduction to Adding Media

About: Different types of media can be added to your items within Item Authoring to provide extra information to the candidate or enhance their experience during Test delivery. This article will provide you with the key terms to help you understand the use of media in Surpass.

Key terms:

Media – Any file that can be added to an item in a Test, usually embedded within the item.  

Media Library – A collection of media, source material and shared resources for a particular Subject.

Source Material – A file that the candidate will need to refer to when answering a question; for example, a PDF file containing data. You can also create your own source material in the Media Library.

Assistive Media – A video or audio file provided to assist the candidate, for example, to hear the question read out in an alternative language, or to watch a sign language translation of the question text..

Shared Resource – A file that may need to be accessed by the candidate across several items in a Test.

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