Overview of the Media Library

About: The Media Library is a place where you can store the media for a particular Subject. It can be accessed from within your chosen Subject by selecting the ‘Media Library’ button. This article will detail the some of the basic functionality of the Media Library.

Managing Your Media Library

You can manage files in your media library by selecting single or multiple files and selecting the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen.

Note: You will not be able to delete a file that is currently in use on an item.

Alt Text

When an individual image is selected in your Media Library, you will have the option to add alt text. This provides descriptive text that will be read out by a screen reader when delivering a Test to visually impaired users.

To add alt text for an image, insert the descriptive text into the box at the bottom of the screen labelled 'Text Alternative'.

Note: The alt text has a maximum of 500 characters.

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