How to Add Media

About: When creating an Item, you can choose to add media so that it will be displayed to the candidate during test delivery. This may be for decorative purposes on-screen, or adding a useful image to be opened as a pop-up. This article will detail how to add and upload media to an item.

Adding Media

To add media within any question type, use the 'Select Media' button, which appears when you create an item.

You will be taken to the ‘Select Media’ screen, which shows appropriate files within the Media library for the Subject in which you are working.

Once you have added media, when authoring an item, you can amend the position of the media on the item screen.

'Auto' will automatically select the best layout for the media based on its size. You can then go to 'Preview' to see how the media will look in relation to your answer area.

Select the 'plus' icon to add further media and the 'cross' to remove. Up to five media images may be added to an item. Surpass will automatically choose the best layout if multiple media images have been added.

Note: To have videos embedded in a page, they must be added as .flv files. Other video types will open in their native player.

Importing Media

If the file is not already within the Media Library, you can import it so that it can be used in items. This can be done from the ‘Select Media’ screen while authoring items, or within the Media library.

To import media, select the green ‘Import’ button to the left of the screen and this will bring up your system network, where you can select your media.

If uploading an image within the Media Library, the ‘Upload Media’ window will appear. You will be asked if you want the image to be used as Media (which will be resized) or as Source Material. Select to upload as ‘Media’. For more information about adding Source Material, please see the article 'How to Add Source Material'.

Once you have found the media you wish to add, select the image to preview it on the right of the ‘Select Media’ screen. Select the ‘Add Media’ button, or double-click the image, to add it directly to the item.

Note: If the dimensions of the imported image are larger than width 945, height 614, the image will be automatically scaled down (retaining the image proportions).

Supported Media

• flv
• wav
• mp3
• jpg
• gif
• bmp
• png
• swf  

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