How to Create Source Material

About: You can create source material on the fly using the 'Create Source Material' functionality within the Media Library. You can choose to create HTML source material, or create a 'whitelist' of URLs that the candidate can access during the test. This means you do not have to import material that has been created using a third party programme. This article will detail how to create source material.

Creating Source Material

From within the Media Library of your chosen Subject, select 'Create Source Material'.
Choose either the 'HTML' or 'URL' tab, depending on the type of source material you want to create. Content can only be added to one of these tabs, not both.


Selecting this option will allow you to author the source material in a text editor with basic formatting options. You can also add images and tables inline to the text.
To add an image, select the  button and choose from your local files. Use the 'Advanced' tab of the image uploader to define image properties relating to size, positioning and appearance.
To add a table, select, the  button. You can then define the table properties.
You can make edits directly to the HTML source code using the 'Source' button.


Select this option to create a 'whitelist' of URLs for the candidate to access during the test, allowing secure browsing of online reference material.
Enter a 'Main URL' in the box provided. This is the initial page the candidate will be taken to when opening the source material. Select preview to be taken to the main URL.
In the 'Supporting URLs field, list any associated sites that you want the candidate to be able to access, for example, if your main URL contains links to other sites that you want the candidate to be able to navigate to. It is not possible to navigate to supporting URLs in preview mode.

Note:To ensure all content on the specified URL displays correctly, this functionality is best suited for use with self-contained websites, rather than the wider internet.

Once the source material has been created it will be stored in the Media Library as a shared resource, which can be added to an item. When using this item in a test, the created source material will automatically be added to a test created using the Test Wizard, but will need to be manually added to a test as a tool within Test Creation.

Providing that the source material isn't currently associated with a Live item, it can be edited with the same text editor it was authored in.

Note: Source Material created within Surpass is not visible when previewing an item.

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