Adding Source Material as a Shared Resource

About: This article will explain what a shared resource is and how to import and add a Shared Resource. 

When creating an item, you can choose to add media as a Shared Resource. A Shared Resource is a file or files that are used across multiple items within a Test. 

For example, a candidate may need a PDF for several items and importing it as a shared resource enables it to open once in the background for several items, rather than being downloaded multiple times. 

A PDF may be set up to automatically appear in the PDF viewer, or be opened manually by the candidate, depending on how the test has been set up. 

You can also add HTML Packages as source material to items that will be delivered using HTML SecureClient. These could contain media such as animations or simulations, and must be imported as shared resources. 

 Importing a Shared Resource

You can import a file as a Shared Resource within the Media library.

To import media as a Shared Resource, select the green ‘Import Shared Resource’ button, this will allow you to search your device where you can select your media.

In the Media Library, shared resources will appear with an icon in the top right corner of the file thumbnail.

Adding a Shared Resource

For item authors, adding shared resources is the same as adding standard source material. To do so, select the ‘Add Source Material’ from the 'cog' icon next to the question stem, and select the relevant shared resource from the Media Library.

Note: Shared resources must be manually added to every item the candidate is required to access the file from.

If you are using the Test Wizard to create Tests, source material (including shared resources) is automatically added to items. In order to use a shared resource in a Test, it must be added as a tool in the Test Form screen in Test Creation.

PDF Viewer 

To add a PDF to an item able to open in the PDF Viewer you must ensure the following:
  • the test is delivered using SecureClient. 
  • the PDF has been imported as a shared resource. 
  • it has been added as source material to the item. 

Note: The device screen resolution must be 1920 x 1080p in order for the PDF to dock as shown in the image.

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