How to Group Media

You can create groups of media in the Media Library. The purpose of grouping media is to allow you to view files together in either the high fidelity image viewer, or the PDF viewer.

To group multiple files, hold the 'Ctrl' or 'Shift' key to highlight each item, then select 'Group Media'.

You can group images or PDF files in the media library. To group PDFs, you must:

  • be working in a HTML subject.
  • import the PDFs as a Shared Resource.
  • use files that are not already added to a 'Live' item.

Note:You can only have one file type in a group, either images or PDFs (HTML only).

Edit the name of the group by selecting the text entry field.

Select the upwards pointing arrow on the 'Group Media' button when you have an image selected to add that image to a pre-existing group. Up to 25 images or 60 PDFs can be added to a group.

You can also edit media within a group, if the group is not attached to an item at ‘Live’ status. Double-click the group to view all pieces of media.

You can edit the media when viewing a group. Select a piece of media or hold the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple, then select ‘Replace’, ‘Download’ or ‘Delete’.

When creating an item, you can add grouped media as source material. Find out how to add source material with this article.

When creating a test form in ‘Test Creation’, you must add grouped media as a tool. For more information, see the How to set up Source Items as Tools article.

Note: Grouped media is only suitable for use in tests delivered using SecureClient. Grouped media will not be available to preview in packaged tests, or in the 'Test Creation' and 'Test Administration' screens of Surpass.

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