How to Use the Paper Mark Screen

About: The ‘Paper Mark’ screen allows marks to be recorded for tests that have been taken on paper. This article will detail how to use the Paper Mark screen within the Test Administration screen of Surpass.

Step 1: Find Your Script
You can use the grey bar at the top of the ‘Paper Mark’ screen to find the test that you want to enter marks for.

Below this filtering bar, a table will be displayed, showing a list of the Test Forms that are available for marking. This contains details of the Status, Test, Test Form, Centre Reference, Start Date, End Date, Candidate and Tags. You can arrange this information in ascending or descending order by selecting the top cell of each column.

Step 2: Enter Marks
To begin entering marks for a candidate’s test, choose one from the list and then select the ‘Mark Selected Test’ button at the bottom of the screen.

A dialogue will appear, asking you to confirm the details of the candidate, test and test form are correct. If the candidate has been scheduled for the incorrect test form in Surpass, compared to the paper one they sat, you will also be able to change the Test Form you mark at this stage by selecting the 'Select New Test Form' radio button.
Once you have confirmed the details, you will be taken through to the marks entry interface.

You will be presented with all the items in the test form, the maximum mark available for each item, and the mark field where you place the candidate’s mark for each question.
If a candidate has not attempted a question, select the 'Not attempted' button and the marks field will update to read 'N/A'. If a candidate has attempted the question but achieved zero marks, input '0' into this field.
When you have inputted all marks, the ‘Submit’ button will become available for you to submit your marks. The test will appear in the 'Moderate' or 'Results' screen, depending on how your test form has been set up.
You can exit the marks entry interface at any point by selecting 'Cancel', but any marks you have inputted against the questions will not be saved.

Step 3 (optional): Void Test
You can void tests in the 'Paper Mark' screen by selecting the 'Void Selected Test' button. Upon selecting the button, you will need to provide a reason for voiding the test from the dropdown menu. You can choose from 'Absent', 'Withdrawn' and 'Other'. If you select 'Other', you will need to provide reasoning.

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