How to Export Items to a Word Document

You may want to export test items to a Word document so that you can review the settings manually as part of your quality control process. This article outlines how items and information can be exported from Surpass to a Word document.

Note: Only Multiple Choice, Multiple Response, and Either/Or question types are fully supported. All other items will export but may display differently depending on the item.

Select a subject

Enter the 'Item Authoring' section of Surpass and select the subject you are working in.

When in the 'Subject' screen, select the 'Tests' icon. Select the 'Export Items to Word Document' option in the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Select a test and test form

A wizard-based menu will appear, detailing the available tests and test forms in that subject. Select a test and test form from the list on the left-hand side. Test forms will appear under their tests by selecting the arrow to the right. A free-text filter option is also available.

The wizard's middle panel details the selected test/test form's key information (e.g., 'Test Name', 'Test Reference', 'Status', 'Grade Boundaries', etc.).

Below 'Test Summary' is 'Group By', where you can use the drop-down menu to choose how the information is grouped and presented in the Word document.

Exported items can be organised by: 'Test Form Order', 'Folder Structure', 'Tags', 'Author', 'Question Type', and 'Scored/Non-Scored'.

Step 3: Select additional information

On the wizard's right panel, you can customise the information about the items in the Word document using the checkboxes under 'Include Additional Information'. Here, you can choose to export data besides question content, including mark schemes, candidate feedback, (assistive) media, and citations.

All options are selected by default. You can choose on an option-by-option basis by deselecting unwanted options or remove all additional information by unchecking the 'Select all' box.

Step 4: Export Document

Select the 'Continue' button. Here, you can change the 'Export Name' before selecting the 'Generate Items as Word Document' button.

Once the Word document has been successfully generated, the 'Export Summary' will show specific item details and the new document's size.

Select 'Export Items as Word Document' to download the content as a .docx file. Compatible media and files will be embedded into the document; source materials and audio/visual media will be included as appendices in a .zip file.

Once items have been exported as a .docx file, they cannot be re-imported into Surpass.

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