How to Navigate the Home Screen

About: When you log in to the system, you will see the SecureMarker 'Home' screen. This screen is displayed for all users, whatever role they have been assigned. This screen may contain information about the SecureMarker system, news items, links to updated FAQs, support contact details, etc. This screen is under the control of the awarding organisation. This article will detail how to navigate the home screen.

Step 1: Use the Tabs

A tab bar runs across the SecureMarker interface, and each tab provides access to an area of SecureMarker.

You are able to select any of the tabs to load the screen and any available data in that screen. You will only ever see tabs that are attached to your user role. This means that another user might log in to SecureMarker and see more or fewer tabs on their version of SecureMarker.

The functions of each tab are as follows:


View community information, news bulletins, etc. on this screen. All users will automatically have access to this screen and it will be the first thing they see upon logging in.
Roles This screen enables you to create and manage roles within the SecureMarker system. Roles can then be assigned to users to control their scope of access in SecureMarker.
Users This screen allows you to create and manage users in the SecureMarker system, you can also assign 'Global' roles to users on this screen.
Examiners This screen allows you to assign available Examiners to specific Exams.
Quality Control The 'Quality Control' tab has been designed to provide all of the functionality required to set up an Exam for mass marking, and then to monitor how the various quality and consistency measures put in place are performing throughout the mass marking process.
Item Groups The 'Item Groups' tab enables you to group individual items together for mass marking.
Quotas This screen allows you to manage the allocation of candidate responses to the available Examiners for each Exam. It also provides the ability for more senior users to monitor the overall marking progress. This tab also enables you to view stopped Examiners, review their work, and restart their marking.
Marking This screen is where Examiners mark their allocated quota of candidate responses for each item, subject to the settings defined in the 'Quality Control' and 'Quotas' tabs.
Escalations This screen allows you to review responses that have been escalated by Examiners for attention from a Senior Examiner.
Script Review This screen provides the ability to manage and report on individual candidate scripts, as well as flag scripts that require moderation. Each script in this interface will follow a basic workflow as it progresses through the SecureMarker product.

Step 2: Edit the Home Screen

Users with the 'Editor' permission will be able to edit the contents of the homepage. Selecting the 'Edit' button on the home screen will open a test editor toolbar and will allow you to enter text into the main portion of the screen. You can also add and remove hyperlinks on this page.

When you've finished editing this information, select 'Save' to confirm what you've done. This will now be updated for all users who see this page. Select 'Cancel' to disregard any changes.

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