Introduction to SecureMarker

SecureMarker is a standalone, on-screen solution capable of managing the marking of assessments taken on-screen. In addition to the actual marking and annotation of candidate answers, SecureMarker also contains features to help maintain quality and consistency in examiner marking. SecureMarker also provides a mechanism to handle the allocation of items for marking amongst the available examiners.

Although SecureMarker is able to function as a standalone product, it is also capable of being integrated with existing systems that might want to take advantage of its functionality.

Presently, SecureMarker can be integrated with BTL's SecureAssess product and Surpass: The Assessment Platform. Unmarked candidate scripts are sent from SecureAssess or Surpass into SecureMarker, and marked and annotated scripts are exported back. In this scenario, SecureMarker effectively acts as a sophisticated extension of the existing marking interface in SecureAssess and Surpass.

If you are interesting in using SecureMarker, please contact your BTL Account Manager for further information.

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