How to Create a User

About: The 'Users' screen allows you to create, edit and delete users. This article will detail how to navigate the Users screen within SecureMarker.

Step 1: Navigate the Users Tab

Once the 'Users' tab has been selected, the main part of the screen displays a table listing the existing users in the system, along with their associated Global level roles if assigned. There is also a panel displaying the information for each user. To show a user's information, select them from the 'Users' list. If no user is selected, then no information is shown in this panel.

Step 2: Create User

To create a new user, select the 'Create User' button. This will display a pop-up where you can enter the details of the new user.

Enter the information required for each field. Any mandatory fields are indicated by an asterisk.

Step 3: Assign Global Roles

If necessary, you can also assign the user a global role. The list of global roles will not contain anything if there are no roles in SecureMarker that are available to be assigned at the Global level. Choose any Global roles the user should have.

Select 'OK' to create the user with the details and settings entered, or 'Cancel' to exit without creating the user.

Note: Only Global Roles (i.e. roles that apply across all exams and versions) can be assigned in this screen. To assign a role for a particular exam only, you should user the 'Examiners' tab.

Step 4: Edit Existing User

To edit the information of an existing user, select their username in the 'Users' list and then select the 'Edit User' button located by the 'User Details' panel. This will then display the user's details.

Amend any necessary details and select 'OK' to confirm any changes. Select 'Cancel' to exit without editing the existing user.

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