How to Reset a User's Password

About: Users may require their password to be reset so that they can access their account. This article will detail how to reset a user's password from the Users screen within SecureMarker.

Step 1: Navigate the Users Tab

Select the 'Users' tab in the SecureMarker interface. In the main part of the 'Users' screen is a table listing the existing users in the SecureMarker system. There is also a panel that displays the existing information for each user. To show a user's information, select that user in the 'Users' list. If no user is currently selected, then no information is show in this panel.

Step 2: Filter the Users

You can filter the users to find the relevant user by selecting the downward facing arrow in the column headings of the table. You can choose to filter by name (in ascending or descending alphabetical order), search their name, or filter by their role.

Step 3: Reset Password

Select the relevant user in the table. The user's details will appear in the panel beside the table. Select the 'Reset Password' button within the User Details panel to reset that User's password.

Note:If you have a superuser account, you can reset all of the passwords within the system. To do this, simply select the 'Reset All Passwords' button.

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