How to Create a Role

About: The ‘Roles’ screen allows you to create different sets of permissions, which can be applied to many user accounts. You can alter the permissions assigned to the existing roles, as well as create new roles. This article will detail how to create new roles within SecureMarker.

Step 1: Navigate the Roles Screen
Select the ‘Roles’ screen from the tabs at the top of the SecureMarker interface.
You will be presented with a roles list, which details the roles that are available to be assigned to users. In the main part of the screen you can see the assigned permissions, assignable roles, and levels associated with the chosen role.

Step 2: Create a Role

To create a new role, select the 'Create Role' button. Type your chosen role name into the pop-up window.

Select 'OK' to create your role, or 'Cancel' to exit.

Step 3: Assign Permissions

Once you have created your new role, it will appear in the list of roles. Select the role to display the associated permissions in the main part of the screen. The new role will have no permissions assigned to it automatically.

There are three panels that allow you to apply settings for roles:

Control which tabs the users will be able to access, as well as the functions they can utilise within the screens.

Assignable Roles
Select the roles that users can assign to others.

Choose whether the selected role is assigned at the Global level or at the Exam level. If the Global level is selected then users who are given this role will be able to perform operations allowed by the role for all Exams in SecureMarker. If the Exam level option is used instead, then users will only be able to perform the operations allowed by this role for Exams that they have been assigned to. You can select both options; this means that the role can be assigned at either Global or Exam level on a user by user basis. So, one user could have the role at the Global level, whilst others are given the role on an Exam by Exam basis.

Note: Bear in mind that in order for users to be able to assign any roles at the 'Global' level, they will also require access to the 'Users' screen.

You can use the 'Select All' options beneath the Permissions and Assignable Roles panel to select (or deselect) all existing permissions.

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