How to Select an Exam to Work In

About: Certain tabs require you to be working within a particular exam. This article will detail how to select an exam to work in within SecureMarker.

Step 1: Select a Tab

When you first log in to SecureMarker, the home page will display a user's quota across all exams they have been assigned a quota for. No specific exam is selected here.

The following screens require a specific qualification and exam to be selected:
  • Examiners
  • Item Groups
  • Quality Control
  • Quotas

Step 2: Select an Exam

Upon navigating to one of these screens, the current qualification and exam will be displayed in the navigation bar. By default, the most recently accessed exam will be visible.

To choose a different exam to work in, select the current qualification/exam shown in the navigation bar to reveal a drop-down window. Here you will see a list of links to the five most recently accessed exams, which you can select to go directly to that exam.

You can also use the search bar to find a specific qualification or exam, or use the search tables to choose a qualification, and then an exam within that qualification.

You will remain within this exam when navigating to any of the other tabs mentioned above, until you change your selection.

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