How to Manage Examiners

About: The 'Examiners' tab allows you to view and manage examiners working within a particular exam. This article will detail how to manage examiners within this tab.

Step 1: Select and Exam

First, you must select an exam to work in from the drop-down menu that appears in the navigation bar.

See the article 'How to Select and Exam to Work In' for more guidance on how to do this.

Step 2: Assign Examiners to an Exam

The 'Examiners' screen will display two tables of information for the Exam that is currently selected. There is a list of all available examiners for that exam. This includes every examiner who has been granted global access. There is also a table showing a list of examiners assigned to the currently selected exam.

To associate an available examiner with the exam, first select their name in the list. You can select multiple examiners from the list at once by holding down the Ctrl key as you make your selections.

Then select the right-pointing arrow. This will display the 'Assign Examiners' dialogue. Select the role(s) you want the examiner(s) to have for this exam by ticking the box next to the relevant role. Only roles defined as being available to assign at exam level will be in this list. Roles that exist, but that you cannot assign, will have a padlock symbol next to them. Select 'OK' when finished.

Step 3: Edit Role

You can also change an examiner's role after you have added them to the exam. To do this, select the user in the 'Examiners Assigned to Exam' panel, then select the 'Edit Role' button. A dialogue will appear where you can tick or un-tick roles as appropriate.

Select 'OK' to save changes.

Step 4: Apply Training Mode

Training Mode gives new examiners for that exam the opportunity to mark as many candidate responses as they require to familiarise themselves with the interfaces and items. When in 'Training Mode', an examiner will mark in exactly the same way that they would when live marking, the only difference is that none of their marks will contribute to live marking.

All examiners who are newly associated with an exam (via integration) will be set up to be in 'Training Mode' by default.

You can tell whether an examiner is in Training Mode, as they will have tick in the 'Training Mode' column on the 'Examiners Assigned to Exam' panel. Examiners will be alerted when they are in Training Mode by a red banner across their screen when marking:

To remove an examiner from training mode, select the examiner's name on the 'Examiners Assigned to Exam' panel and then select the 'Off'' button next to the 'Training Mode' label. To switch Training Mode back on for any examiners in that exam, select their names and then the 'Off' button. The tick will disappear from the 'Training Mode' column, which shows that the user in no longer in Training Mode.

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