About Examiner Suspensions

About: You may want to suspend an examiner from marking a particular exam; there are different ways that this can be done within SecureMarker. This article will detail how to suspend an examiner and the different options you have.

Stop Marking

Within the 'Quotas' screen, you will be able to review all Control Items marked by an examiner. Any examiners that are one Control Item (CI) away from being suspended from marking or have already been suspended from marking will be indicated by one of the following icons against their name:

If an examiner has already been suspended from marking, you will be able to review their marking progress (using the ‘Review Marked Items’ and ‘Review CIs’ buttons) and then allow them to resume marking, if deemed appropriate. To do this, select the suspended examiner from the table and select the ‘Start Marking’ button at the bottom of the table.

If, having reviewed items marked by a particular examiner, you decide to suspend their marking, you can do so by selecting the examiner and selecting the ‘Stop Marking’ button. The examiner will be unable to continue marking until you choose to resume marking.

Edit the Examiner Competency Settings

Within the Quality Control screen, you can edit the Examiner Competency Settings. This allows you to review the examiners and their interactions with Control Items. You can configure these settings so that an examiner will automatically be suspended if they mark a certain amount of Control Items out of tolerance.

For more information about changing these settings, please see the article 'How to Use the Examiner Competency Settings'.

Training Mode

You may wish new examiners to have some time to adjust to marking a new exam, without their scores counting. In this case, you can place them in 'Training Mode' from the Examiners screen.

For more information about how to do this, please see the article 'How to Manage Examiners'.

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