How to Group Items for Marking

About: You may want to group certain items together so that they can be marked by the same examiner. These grouped items will still be assigned separate marks and treated individually throughout SecureMarker. This article will detail how to group items within SecureMarker.

Note: SecureMarker cannot create groups within exams with dynamic sections.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Item Groups' Screen

Select the 'Item Groups' tab in the SecureMarker interface.

This tab displays the item groups contained within the selected exam version. Each group is identified by a 'Group Name' and a unique 'Group ID', which is generated automatically when the 'Release Groups & Items' button is pressed.

This screen also displays a list of each item within the selected group. Here, the 'Item Name' and 'Item ID' of each item is displayed, as well as their presentation order (vertical stacking) and whether the items are set to 'Mark' or 'View' (view-only items are indicated by a green tick).

Step 2: Select an Exam

First, you must select the appropriate exam to work in from the drop-down menu in the navigation bar.

See the article 'How to Select an Exam to Work In' for more guidance on how to do this.

Step 3: Create Group

From the bottom of the 'Item Groups' screen, select the 'Create Group' button. This will bring up a screen where you can create a new group.

From the left-hand side of the screen, simply select the items you wish to use in your new group from the exam version structure. You have two options for how examiners should interact with each item:
  • 'Mark' - An examiner is able to mark this item.
  • 'View' - An examiner will only be able to view an item, but this may guide their marking of another item.
Use the tick boxes to select how each item in your group should be presented to the examiner.

Select 'Create Group' to confirm your selection, or 'close' to cancel without saving your new group.

Before a group can be saved, it must be validated by the SecureMarker system. A valid group must contain:
  • More than two items
  • No more than ten items
  • At least one item to mark
Enter a name for your new group. It can contain up to 35 alphanumeric characters (upper and lower cases), commas and full stops.

Step 4: Edit Groups

You can rename your group using the 'Edit Name' button. Once selected, a pop-up window will open with a field for your new group name. Simply enter it here and select 'OK' to confirm.

To edit an existing group, select it in the table and select the 'Edit Group' button. This will bring up the screen where you can tick or un-tick the 'Mark' or 'View' options for each item in a group, as well as add other items from the exam version.

Step 5: Release Groups & Items

Your new group will appear in the main window of the 'Item Groups' tab in the 'Unreleased' state.

You can release your item group for marking by selecting the 'Release Groups & Items' button.

If a user attempts to unrelease a released item group, a warning will display that all marking data on instances of the group in SecureMarker will be lost, all Control Items created for that group will be lost and all quota data against that group will be lost.

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