About the Quality Control Screen

About: The 'Quality Control' screen provides all of the functionality required for you to set up an exam for mass marking, and then to monitor how the various quality and consistency measures put in place are performing throughout the mass marking process. This article will detail how to use this functionality within SecureMarker.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Quality Control' Screen

Select the 'Quality Control' tab from the SecureMarker interface.

Information about the items within the chosen exam will be displayed in the main body of the screen. Item details are displayed when an item is selected.

Step 2: Select an Exam

First, you must select the appropriate exam to work in from the drop-down menu in the navigation bar.

See the article 'How to Select an Exam to Work In' for more guidance on how to do this.

Step 3: Access Quality Control Features

From the 'Quality Control' screen you can access many different features to help you to ensure the quality of the marking taking place within SecureMarker. You can:
  • CI Review Mode - You can decide whether a Control Item is automatically approved by the system when created by a user, or whether a senior examiner must review and approve each Control Item.
  • Award Decimal Marks - By toggling the 'Decimal marks' button to 'On', you allow examiners to award decimal marks to items, up to 2 decimal places.
  • Restrict Marking - If the 'Marking restriction' button is toggled to 'On', examiners will only be able to mark one item from each candidate's script, rather than the whole script.
  • Enable feedback - When the 'Feedback enabled' button is toggled to 'On', users creating or proposing CIs will be required to enter feedback text, which will be presented to an examiner when they submit a mark for that CI.
  • Change Item Defaults - Alter the annotation settings and amount of CIs required for each item, as well as the examiner competency settings.
  • Upload Mapping Rules and then apply Marking Criteria to specific items - For more information, please see the article 'How to Use Mapping Rules and Criteria-Based Marking'.
  • Manage Examiner Competency Settings - For more information, please see the article 'How to Use the Examiner Competency Settings'.
  • Create and Manage Control Items - For more information, please see the article 'How to Create a Control Item'.
  • Release an item or exam for marking.
  • Stop Marking for an item or exam.

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