How to Create a Control Item

About: A Control Item (CI) is a candidate response that has been marked correctly by an examiner. This CI can then be presented to other examiners to check they are marking to the agreed standard. This article will detail how to create a Control Item within SecureMarker.

There are two ways to create a Control Item within SecureMarker.
  • When Marking an Item, you can choose to 'Submit as a CI' if you deem the response and your mark to be appropriate. This will then be automatically approved by the system, or wait to be reviewed by a senior examiner, depending on the CI Review Mode set up for the exam.
  • Alternatively, you can create Control Items from the Quality Control screen. This article will focus on how to create Control Items in this way.

Important: You must release an item for marking before you can create Control Items for that item.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Quality Control' Screen

Select the 'Quality Control' tab from the SecureMarker interface.

For more information about this screen, see the article 'About the Quality Control Screen'.

Step 2: Select an Exam

First, you must select the appropriate exam to work in from the drop-down menu in the navigation bar.

See the article 'How to Select an Exam to Work In' for more guidance on how to do this.

Step 3: Create CIs

Select the item you wish to create control items for, then select the 'Create CIs' button.

You will be presented either with a random candidate response to that item to mark, or with a random item marked by another examiner from the 'awaiting review' queue.

The interface will be the same as that displayed during mass marking (see the 'How to Mark an Item' article for further information); the only difference is that there is some additional information on the screen showing:
  • The total number of CIs required
  • How many have already been created and how many are awaiting review
If you wish to use the response you have been presented with as a Control Item, you should assign the mark by entering the correct figure in the 'Mark Awarded' box. If you do not think the item would be appropriate as a CI, you can 'Skip' the item using the appropriate button.

You may also be required to enter feedback, which will be presented to the examiner after they have marked the Control Item. Feedback should help examiners to understand why a Control Item has been given a particular mark, to explain marking standards, or explain to examiners why they may have been suspended from marking.

Select the 'Finish Session' button to stop creating CIs.

Step 4: Submit CI

When you are happy with the information you have entered, press the 'Submit' button to confirm the mark awarded and any examiner feedback.

Note: When feedback is enabled, you must enter feedback before a CI can be submitted.

Step 5: View CI

Within the 'Manage Control Items' screen, you can view created CIs. You can access this screen by selecting the 'Manage CIs' button on the Quality Control screen.

To view a CI, select the one that you wish to view, followed by the 'View CI' button. A new screen will open and the CI content will load. You will be able to see any annotations made by the examiner, as well as the mark awarded. You can also view any general comments and the mark scheme for the item. Use the 'Previous' and 'Next' buttons to navigate between all available CIs for a particular item, or select 'Manage Control Items' to return to the 'Manage Control Items' screen.

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