Using the Quotas Screen

About: In SecureMarker, examiners are allocated candidate responses to mark. The number of candidate responses that each examiner is allocated is called their quota. These allocations are made and managed in the 'Quotas' screen. This article explains how to use the 'Quotas' screen.

For more information about assigning quotas, please see the article 'How to Assign Quotas'.

Layout Options

The examiners list in the information table will, by default, only display those examiners who have ever marked an item in the selected exam.

The 'Show all examiners' tick box allows the user to bring up a list of every examiner who has access to the selected exam, so that they can assign a quota to an examiner who has not previously marked an item for the selected exam. Ensure this tick box is ticked to see a full list of all available examiners for which quotas can be assigned.

Use the radio buttons on the 'Quotas' screen to select your layout preference. You can view the information table in two modes:

Item view - This is the default view. The focus in this view will be upon the list of items that are being marked. When you select an item from the item list, the list of examiners will update accordingly to reflect which examiners have marked the item.


Examiner view - switch to this view if your focus is on the marking progress of each examiner. When you select an examiner from the examiner list, the information in the items list will update accordingly to reflect which items the examiner has been assigned and their marking progress.

Review Marked Items

You can view a marking report detailing the history of marks given to an item by a particular examiner from within the 'Quotas' screen.

To do this, select your chosen item and examiner, then press 'Review Marked Items'. From this screen, you can choose to view the 'Mark Distribution Graph'.

This graph allows you to compare the marker's performance against the overall marking trend of other examiners.

Review Control Items

You can also review Control Items marked by an examiner for a particular item. You can do this by selecting the item, then your chosen examiner, in the information table on the 'Quotas' screen. Select 'Review CIs'.

The 'Recently Marked Control Items' screen will appear, detailing the mark awarded to each Control Item by the chosen examiner, along with the mark originally attributed to the CI. This allows you to analyse the accuracy of an examiner's marking in relation to Control Items.

For more information about Control Items, please see the following articles:

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