About Control Items

Within SecureMarker, you can create Control Items (CIs). These can be used to check the quality of an Examiner's marking by providing a standard to which they should be marking.

A Control Item is made up of a question that has been answered by a candidate. This answer will then be marked by an examiner and, if they are confident with their marking and deem it appropriate, submitted to be a Control Item. Depending on the CI Review Mode set up for the exam, the system will automatically approve a created Control Item, or it can be configured to be manually reviewed. If this is the case, a more senior user will then review this marked answer; if they feel it is a suitable answer and mark, they will submit it as a Control Item.

In the course of their marking, an examiner will be shown Control Items; these will be interspersed within the live marking of candidate scripts. The examiner will not know whether the item they are marking is a Control Item or not. If the examiner fails to mark the Control Item within the agreed tolerance, they may be suspended.

You can configure how many Control Items should be created for each item to be marked. You can then set up how often an examiner should be shown a Control Item, as well as how far away from the Control Item's agreed mark as examiner can be and still be seen as marking in an acceptable way.

For more information on how to create Control Items in SecureMarker, please see the article 'How to Create a Control item'.

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