Terminology in SecureMarker

Here are some frequently used terms that are essential to understanding and using SecureMarker:

Candidate - The individual who sits the test/exam. Not to be confused with a user, a candidate will never log in to SecureMarker.

Control Item (CI) - This is a candidate response that has been marked and its accepted mark has been agreed by at least one senior user. These items are typically used to test that examiners are marking consistently and within the agreed marking standard. Control Items can then be used to automatically monitor the quality of examiner marking. For more information about Control Items, please see the article 'About Control Items'.

Escalation - This is an item that an examiner has flagged for attention from a more senior user.

Exam - An exam sits within a qualification and may have multiple exam versions associated with it. Also known as a Test.

Exam Version - This is the lowest level of exam object in SecureMarker. An exam version contains the rules that determine what question items make up a candidate's test; this is also known as a Test Form.

Examiner - A user who has the permission to mark items.

Item - One question from a candidate's script that has been answered and is ready to be marked.

Item Group - A collection of items that are viewed and/or marked at the same time by an examiner.

Qualification - The overall qualification that particular exams (and versions of those exams) belong to.

Quota - The amount of items/item groups allocated to an examiner to mark.

Role - A defined set of permissions that can be assigned to users.

Script - A candidate's whole exam.

SecureMarker - This is an on-screen, human-marking product, which plugs into the existing exam workflow of SecureAssess or Surpass.

Unique Response - The number of different response to an item. See the article 'About Unique Responses' for more information.

User - A person who logs into, uses and interacts with SecureMarker.

VIP Mode - Scripts in VIP Mode are flagged to require more urgent attention than other exam scripts. The responses from a script in VIP Mode will be prioritised for marking and be presented to examiners first when they mark their quota. This mode can be accessed on the 'Script Review' screen.

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