How to Mark an Item

About: the 'Marking' screen allows you to mark any of the candidate responses allocated as part of your quota. This article will detail how to download mark schemes, assign marks, and submit items, as well as annotate responses and make general comments.

Step 1: Select an item to mark

Navigate to the 'Marking' tab from the SecureMarker interface.

The items displayed are allocated to you as part of your marking quota. For the individual items, a number will display how many items remain within the examiner's quota. If an examiner has been allocated an unlimited quota, an infinity symbol will appear here.

Select an item from the items table. Select the 'Mark' button from the interface to begin marking. This button will be unavailable if there are no responses left to mark.

Step 2: Mark individual items

Once you have selected an item and the 'Mark' button, the marking screen will appear.

You can select the 'Download Mark Scheme' link to view any previously uploaded marking criteria.

Within the candidate's response, you may add annotations in the form of specific and/or general comments, as well as symbols such as ticks. Additionally, you may highlight and place boxes around specific areas of the response. You can access these annotation tools using the annotation toolbar.

Next, allocate a mark by entering the relevant number into the empty box. Select 'Submit' to save and proceed to the next item for marking.

Note: The item may be set up so that a mark is generated based on the number of ticks placed on the item. This can be done within the 'Quality Control' screen by changing the Annotations type to 'Derived Mark' in the Item Details.

Step 3: Assign marks based on Learning Outcomes (MarkedMetadata)

If the page you are marking is set up to be marked against multiple learning outcomes, you will not see the standard 'Mark Entry' box. Instead, you will see a 'Marking Panel' window. Expand this by selecting the arrow.

This opens up the learning outcomes pop-up, which lists the learning outcomes associated with that question page. For each learning outcome you will see:
  • A description of the Learning Outcome
  • A mark entry box
  • The maximum number of marks available for that Learning Outcome

Enter the mark that you want to assign next to each Learning Outcome - you can view the total marks awarded and the total maximum marks at the bottom of the Marking Panel.

Once you are happy with the marks you have entered and have added any annotations or comments, submit the mark as normal.

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