How to Mark a File Attach Item

About: You can mark different types of human-marked questions within the 'Marking' screen of SecureMarker. This article will detail how to mark the File Attach question type.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Marking' Screen

First, you must navigate to your chosen item within the 'Marking' screen of SecureMarker.

For more information on how to do this, please see the article 'How to Mark an Item'.

Step 2: Download the File

For questions where the candidate has uploaded a document in response to a question, examiners will be able to download the candidate's response from the 'Marking' screen. The uploaded file can be accessed by selecting the same button on the question page that the candidate used to upload their response.

Upon selecting this, the 'Download Manager' window will open, which displays a list of files that are available to download. This will include the candidate's response file, and any additional files that have been uploaded to SecureMarker on behalf of the candidate after the exam was submitted.

The examiner can use the 'Download' icon in the last column to download the candidate's response to their device for marking.

Step 3: Upload the File

The examiner can then use the 'Upload Additional Files' button to upload an annotated version of the candidate's document back to SecureMarker.

Upon uploading additional files, the examiner must provide a reason for the additional file upload (maximum 1000 characters).

Any additional files that are uploaded will be visible on any screens in SecureMarker, where the item is accessed. The additional files will not be visible in Test Administration, but a comment will be displayed once results are returned to Surpass (via the 'General Comments' button) notifying users that additional files have been uploaded.

To view files that were attached by the item author, you must select the attached file using the button that the candidate used in delivery. This file will then either be downloaded or opened in a separate tab.

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