How to Review Escalated Items

About: Items escalated by examiners may become subject to review by a higher-level user or senior examiner. This article will detail how to process escalated items.

For information on how to escalate an item in the first instance, please see the article 'How to Escalate an item'.

Step 1: Identify Escalated Items

One way you may identify an escalated item is from within the 'Quotas' tab. Any item that has been escalated within your chosen exam will appear with a red arrow beside it.

Any examiner who has escalated an item will also have a red arrow next to their name.

When you have selected your item, you can select the 'Review Escalated Items' button. The 'Escalated Item' window will appear, which lists the responses to that item that have been escalated.

Alternatively, you may identify escalated items by selecting the 'Escalations' tab. This will display a list of all escalated responses across all Qualifications and Exams.

Step 2: View the Escalated Item

Next, select an item from the list and then select either 'View item' or 'Review Escalated Response', depending on the screen of SecureMarker you are working in.

This will display the item along with the comments made by the examiner who made the escalation and, if entered, a mark the examiner thinks the response may be worth.

You can also choose to 'View Script' from within the 'Escalations' tab. This will provide all of the same functionality as the 'Review Escalated Response' button, but will give you the additional ability of accessing the other items included in the candidate's script.

Note: You will need the 'Review Recent Items' permission to access the 'View Script' feature.

Step 3: Process the Escalated Item

Once the escalated response has been loaded, you will be able to mark the item in the same way as the original marker, using any annotation tools or mark schemes available. For more information about how to mark items, please see the article 'How to Mark an Item'.

If the item has been mistakenly escalated, you have the option to de-escalate it. Select the 'De-escalate' button to send it back to the pool of items waiting to be assigned to an examiner for marking.

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