How to Confirm a Candidate's Result

About: When all items in a candidate's script have been marked by the relevant examiners and, if necessary, the script has been moderated, you will then want to confirm the candidate's result and send it back to Surpass. This article details how to confirm a candidate's result.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Script Review' Screen

Select the 'Script Review' tab from the SecureMarker interface.

You will be presented with a table showing all candidate scripts within SecureMarker, regardless of their marking progress status.

The scripts are presented with the newest script at the top of the list and all scripts, except those with the 'Result Confirmed and Archived' status, will be displayed in the table by default.

Step 2: Select a Candidate Script

To find your required script(s) you can filter the scripts in the table, using the drop-down menu accessed by the downward-pointing arrow on each column heading. You can filter by:
  • Qualification
  • Exam
  • Version
  • Keycode
  • Score
  • Percentage
  • Status
  • Date when Submitted
  • Date when Imported 
  • Country
  • Flagged Status
  • VIP Mode
You can also use the check boxes to show only exams that are:
  • Flagged
  • Results Pending
  • Moderated
A candidate's result may be confirmed when their exam reaches any of the following statuses:
  • Marking complete
  • Result pending
Once you have found your required script(s), select in the table.

Step 3: Confirm Result

Select the 'Confirm Result' button to confirm that the exam script is satisfactorily marked and can be exported back into Surpass, or another exam administration system.

Users can view multiple exam versions simultaneously in the 'Script Review' tab. This allows users to select multiple exam scripts and release them simultaneously with the 'Confirm Result' button.

Step 4: Status 'Result Confirmed and Archived'

Once a result has been confirmed, the script's status will move to 'Result Confirmed and Archived'. Once a script moves to this status, then it can no longer be edited in SecureMarker, and the overall script result is confirmed. 

An export to Surpass is triggered when an exam script moves to this status, which will flag the result as confirmed in Surpass and trigger the result to be re-exported externally as well to reflect the new 'Confirmed' status.

Any re-marking required after the script has moved into this state must be done in Surpass at the exam script level, using the standard re-marking process.

Scripts at this status are not shown in the table on the 'Script Review' screen of SecureMarker by default. Users will need to filter the 'Status' column to reveal scripts with this status.

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