How to Moderate a Script

About: The option to moderate exam scripts is available in SecureMarker. This feature enables a user with the moderate permission to view marked tests and, if necessary, change marks with a comment to justify each change made.

Note: To enable the moderate permission, ensure 'Script Review: Moderate Script' is ticked for the role you will be assigning to moderators. If this is not ticked, the 'Moderate' button will be hidden in the 'Script Review' screen.

Step 1: Navigate to the 'Script Review' Screen

Select the 'Script Review' tab from the SecureMarker interface.

You will be presented with a table showing all candidate scripts within SecureMarker, regardless of their marking progress status.

The scripts are presented with the newest script at the top of the list, and all scripts, except those with the 'Results Confirmed and Archived' status, will be displayed in the table by default.

Step 2: Select a Script

To moderate a script, select a candidate's script in the 'Script Review' tab with either the 'Result Pending' or 'Marking Complete' status. An asterisk after the Candidate Score indicates that the script has already been moderated.

You can filter the exams to show only those at this status using the downward facing arrow on the column header.

You can also filter the scripts using the information in other columns within this table, if required.

Step 3: Navigate the 'Moderate' Screen

Once you have found your chosen script within the table on the 'Script Review' screen, select the 'Moderate' button.

This will take you to the 'Moderate' screen. Here, you will be able to view items and see what marks they have been assigned by examiners. You can also download a mark scheme (if applicable), view the marking history, and view marker annotations. If the setting has been enabled, you can also choose to add moderator annotations.

There is also a list of the items available for moderation in the scripts, and how many marks out of the total have been awarded by the examiner.

Step 4: Alter Marks

To alter a mark, select the appropriate item in the list and it will appear in the main viewer. If annotations have been enabled and switched on, you can then add any further annotations, as you would when marking an item. To find out more about marking an item, please see the article 'How to Mark an Item'.

You can add a new mark by typing it into the empty marks box. You will then be required to add a comment to justify the altered mark before you will be allowed to save.

When you have added the mark and a comment, select the 'Save' button. A message will appear to confirm the moderated mark has been saved.

Once a moderated mark has been saved, the new mark will appear beside the original mark in the 'Moderate' column of the list of items. When this item is hovered over or selected, a delete icon appears next to the moderated mark.

If you press this icon, you will delete the moderated mark, effectively undoing moderation for this item.

Once you have finished moderating and have saved your work, you can return to the 'Script Review' screen. Here, you can view the moderation of any exam script by selecting the script and pressing the 'Review' button.

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