About Marking Reports

About: Users have the option to access a report informing them about items they have marked over a given period of time as well as another report displaying information on items yet to be marked. Users with relevant permissions will be able to access reports containing information about the activity of all examiners. This article will detail how to access both of these marking reports.

Step 1: Navigate to the Relevant Area

First, you must either be on the Home screen or the 'Marking' tab. Select either of these screens from the SecureMarker interface.

Step 2: View Report

In both screens, you will see a table containing the available items, along with details of their associated exam and qualification.

Select your chosen item from the table, then select either 'View Marking Report', 'View Unmarked Items Report' or 'View Marking Managers Report', depending on your requirements.

'View Marking Report' allows you to view the history of items that you have previously marked.

'View Marking Managers Report' displays information about the marking history of all examiners you are responsible for.

Step 3: Filter the Report

For both types of report, you can choose the time period over which you want to view the report:
  • This month - shows items marked during the current month.
  • Last month - shows items marked during the previous month.
  • Custom - use the calendar to select the dates you wish to see information about.

Step 4: Download Report

If required, you can download each report as a CSV file.

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